If canvases had wheels
We think we can all agree that BMW makes very good-looking cars. Really, any car lover would be hard pressed to find anything to gripe about when it comes to Bimmers--they're sharp, sleek and edgy, and they have maintained
Art on art
Engineered to produce over 1,000hp through an 8.0-liter W16 engine that drives all four wheels shod with specifically designed Michelin PAX run-flat tires, the Bugatti Veyron itself is a work of art.Now, thanks to Bugatti, French artist
Just click and view
BMW has now made it possible for everyone to view its legendary Art Car Collection by making all 17 cars available via a virtual tour.Through the online tour, an extensive overview of the origin, history and development of each one of
When art meets Formula 1
Much like a popular German carmaker, Force India has commissioned a well-known artist to paint one of its Formula 1 cars. But instead of relegating it to a museum, the England-based team will auction it off after the inaugural Indian
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