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“Love it or loathe it? There is no middle ground with this thing”
Aston Martin’s luxury brand teases the ‘All-Terrain Concept’
The modern incarnation of Aston Martin's luxury branch-Lagonda-has long grappled with the concept of future automotive, offering up a near-£700,000 (P47.5 million) V12 luxury sedan (Taraf), and last year's dazzling Vision Concept.This, however, is
Disclaimer: Not all of them are practical
The replacement for the iconic DS used floating cylinders as instruments, rotating to display speed and revs as the driver gazed through the single-spoke steering wheel. For the sanitized facelift, they were binned. Boo.Well, if you're going to reclothe
'It doesn’t look like it came from anywhere normal'
When is an Aston Martin not an Aston Martin? When it's a Lagonda. And especially when it's... this. The Vision Concept.The nameplate actually pre-dates Aston Martin: An Anglo-American former opera singer called Wilbur Gunn founded the company
But in limited numbers
Are you looking for a car that will make you stand out from the crowd? Then you might want to consider the new Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf, now being made available to more markets and customers around the world, albeit in limited
Diamond pattern galore
Last month, we reported about Aston Martin commencing the hot-weather testing of its highly exclusive Lagonda sedan in Oman in the Middle East region.Well, nearly a month later and the British luxury carmaker is now providing a glimpse of the
In the sweltering Arabian territory of Oman
Befitting a luxury car that's to be sold exclusively in the Middle East in 2015, Aston Martin has begun its hot-weather testing of its upcoming Lagonda model in the Arab state of Oman, with the car being flown into the
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