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One of the best-equipped models in its segment
I'm at a coffee shop waiting for my wife. Parked on the street is my new Audi A4, which is right smack in my line of sight as I sip my cup of joe. With at least another 30 minutes to
Love rowing gears?
The manual transmission is a dying breed. Market demand, coupled with horrendous traffic in most major cities, has prompted almost every manufacturer to equip its offerings with various iterations of the automatic gearbox.Audi seems to understand the passion that some still
How much is it?
PGA Cars, the authorized distributor of Audi in the country, has just launched the fifth-generation Audi A4.It may look similar to the previous model, but Audi is not one to drastically change the design of its cars from one generation
More powerful, smarter, better-looking
The Audi A5 made its debut almost a decade ago as the A4's more stylish coupe sibling. As expected, the two shared a lot in common under the skin, just like BMW's 3-Series sedan and 4-Series coupe. When
Our market will have to wait
We all know Audi to be the purveyor of all-wheel drive. The Quattro system has been underpinning executive sedans, wagons and coupes for decades, offering exceptional grip and handling. To maximize its potential, however, Audi fielded a semi off-road type
One of them is hydrogen-powered
We can't help but look forward to what Audi has up its sleeves whenever one of its displays goes up. As far back as we can recall, the brand has yet to disappoint innovation-wise. So what's next for Audi?
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