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At the Bangkok International Motor Show
Last year, Audi revealed the all-new Q5 at the Paris Motor Show. Naturally, the first batch that shipped out was for European customers. Now, the German carmaker has brought its compact crossover to our side of the world with a regional
Set to rival Mercedes C-Class and BMW 4-Series
Welcome, everyone, to the Audi A5 Cabriolet-the convertible version of Audi's popular A5 Coupe. And predictably, it's not that different from the car(s) on which it's based. The roof's gone, obviously, and in its place is
New and improved
Just a few months ago, Audi unveiled its all-new A5 and S5 coupe. These vehicles introduced us to the company's latest evolutionary design for its popular coupe range. Knowing that the Sportback model would carry the same general styling as
More powerful, smarter, better-looking
The Audi A5 made its debut almost a decade ago as the A4's more stylish coupe sibling. As expected, the two shared a lot in common under the skin, just like BMW's 3-Series sedan and 4-Series coupe. When
For those who want that motorsport touch
The Audi A5 is the German brand's return to the executive two-door segment since it stopped producing the 80-series coupe in 1996, and it isn't exactly considered a sporty offering. Comfortable and luxurious are the best ways to
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