From concept to reality
Back in 2015, Audi showed us the e-Tron Quattro concept. And good to its word, an incredibly similar production version will follow in 2018."We're calling it Audi e-Tron, just 'e-Tron', because this is a quite important Audi
At least in Germany for now
Leave it to Audi to always be at the forefront of vehicle technology. The German premium car brand is at the top of the heap when it comes to all-wheel-drive innovation with its Quattro system. Then there's the vaunted
Set to begin in 2018
We've always known Audi to be at the forefront of advanced vehicle technology. The light yet strong Audi Space Frame body is one such innovation. Then there's the Quattro all-wheel drive. Both have gone from the lab to the
And it's purely electric-powered
Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where we could drive the car that we wanted, at a pace that we liked, without feeling guilty about wasting precious resources? Take SUVs for example. While a lot of us love
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