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Meet the newest and smallest member of the Q family
Turbo is the way to go
PGA Cars, the authorized distributor of Audi in the country, has just launched the newest and the smallest member of the Q lineup: the Q2. To highlight the car's youthful character, a cartoon- and graffiti-like campaign surrounds Ingolstadt's latest
At the Bangkok International Motor Show
Last year, Audi revealed the all-new Q5 at the Paris Motor Show. Naturally, the first batch that shipped out was for European customers. Now, the German carmaker has brought its compact crossover to our side of the world with a regional
We wish we could have this
The Audi Q2 'Deep Learning Concept' is no ordinary model car. For one, you can't buy it. And if you could, we suspect the cost would be well beyond the means of your average doting parent. This is because it uses
Better late than never
It looks like there's no stopping the trend of smaller SUVs. If you think that the Audi Q3 is pretty compact, then you might be surprised to find out that the German carmaker doesn't seem to think so. Case in
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