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What range anxiety?
Worried an electric car won't have enough range for your 40km commute? Got range anxiety driving to the mall? Well, step aside. Sylvia Wilson has driven her Tesla Model S 75kW the entire perimeter of Australia.The fully electric sedan covered
They can perform, too
Australians are fond of two things: Pickups (or 'utes' as they would say), and roughing it across harsh off-road trails. Isuzu Team D-Max, which calls itself "Australia's longest-running and most famous precision driving team," has just taken two
We're jealous
When it comes to pickup trucks, few countries in the world can utilize them as fully as Australia. The Land Down Under features just about every type of terrain there is, including wide-open deserts. So from a practical standpoint, pickups--or
Does this happen in the PH?
Recently, I was waiting outside a hotel in Sydney, Australia for a ride to the airport. I logged on to Uber, and to my surprise the driver of a white Audi A4 accepted my booking. After having spent the last few years
It's nearly here
The Ford Ranger Raptor is nearly upon us. To further whet your appetites for the much-awaited pickup, here are six tidbits you might find interesting: Unusual for a pickup, the Raptor comes with racing-style bucket seats for the driver and
It can handle bad roads easily
Australia will always hold a special in my heart. I spent 11 years of my life there, after all. So I always feel right at home when I'm in my thongs (slippers), sinking tinnies (drinking cans of beer) while having a
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