A proper upgrade?
The Philippines is no stranger to toughened-up pickup variants hoping to cash in on buyers' obsession with rugged looks. Toyota Motor Philippines has the Hilux Conquest, and Nissan Philippines has the Navara Pro-4X-Japanese trucks that both boast a host
A teaser has been released in Australia
Earlier this year, Nissan Australia teased that it would be beefing up the Patrol with the same 'Warrior' treatment it gave the Navara Pro-4X. Now, we finally have some idea what that vehicle will look like.The Japanese car manufacturer has
Should PH units undergo this, too?
Giant spiders, aggressive kangaroos, flame tornados, vegemite? These are just some of the many "dangers" the Land Down Under is supposedly known for. Australia has to deal with plenty of less meme-worthy hazards, too, though.One common example of this is
This or the SUV?
The aftermarket community has played around with the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser quite a bit since the SUV launched last year. This one, by an Australian company called Creative Conversions, has to be the most practical take yet, though.Frankly, this
Should Ford worry?
Building something to rival the Ranger Raptor is a tall task for any car manufacturer. You can't just slap on some extra bits of bodykit to the exterior of a pickup and call it a day-proper gains in performance are
Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
In Australia, at least
Man, moving to Australia sure sounds like a real fine idea right about now. Sure, you've got giant spiders, flame tornadoes, and just about every manner of nasty prowling the Outback-but you also have this.What is it? Just a
Demand continues to remain high
What's in a car's name? Well, if we're talking 'Land Cruiser,' customers are likely in for a pretty long wait.By now you've probably heard the crazy levels of demand Toyota currently has to deal with when it
Could this new model compete in the stacked local pickup segment?
What does it take to be a strong contender in the local pickup segment? Judging by what the top-performing trucks have to offer, the criteria includes decent styling and a bunch of extra features to go along with a very potent
We actually like it
We say it all the time here at Top Gear Philippines: Wagons are severely underrated. They're practical, stylish, and in some cases, very capable vehicles. The latest one we have our sights set on? The WRX.Yes, the all-new Subaru
Circumstances have forced him to apply for emergency vehicle status for his R35
If there's one thing that the Nissan GT-R is not, then it's most likely an ambulance. It may have the speed to get responders to any location quickly, but it simply doesn't have the space to carry any
Another addition to our list of lottery-win purchases
Nardo. Perhaps the most famous proving ground in the world, right? Home to a laundry list of speed and endurance records from the world's preeminent manufacturers. And, helpfully, tucked in a delightful part of the world, in the heel of Italy,
Based on feedback from you guys, our readers
Recently, we asked you guys what you thought were the best public transportation systems in the world. You know-clean, efficient, organized, and relatively easy to grasp commuting experiences based on your travels abroad.Well, you guys got busy in the comments
Only 600 are being produced
Open your car industry calendar and you'll see that it's a particularly special time to be a Toyota Land Cruiser owner. The year 2021 marks the nameplate's 70th anniversary, and the Japanese carmaker is taking steps to ensure the
Over in Australia, at least
Excited for the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser? We understand. The LC300 is, after all, shiny and new, and is available in Gazoo Racing guise. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the next-generation vehicle now finds itself under the
Would you like to see this locally as well?
The Suzuki Jimny is a vehicle built with the off-road purist in mind. Well, purists, as well as budget-minded off-roaders and fans of cars with small form factors. It's not surprising, considering the vehicle's no-nonsense package
The Mitsubishi Strada is a truck. But this? This is a truck.We've come across our fair share of trophy trucks at Top Gear Philippines. But one based on the Mitsubishi Strada? Not so much. Here's one in all its
In case the standard truck isn’t cutting it
Yes, the Philippines is a pickup-crazy nation. Yearly sales figures of vehicles like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux are proof of that local consumers have a bad case of pickup fever. Do we have the worst case of it, though?
In case you were wondering
As far as updates are concerned, the one the Nissan Navara recently underwent is relatively substantial. Just looking at the vehicle, it's apparent that the Japanese car manufacturer made it a point to truly spruce up its truck's aesthetic.That
It’s not a passenger car, though
The Toyota Land Cruiser continues to be the gift that just keeps on giving. No, there's still no word regarding what to expect from the next-generation model-but what the Japanese carmaker has been working on in Australia may be
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