Based on the CB500 platform, but with smaller 400cc engines
When you think about it, Filipino riders are quite privileged when it comes to motorcycle licensing. Once you have the necessary restriction on your driver's license, you can buy and ride essentially any displacement of motorcycle you want. Beginners can start
This is VW’s large SUV launched in the Chinese market
The Volkswagen ID.6 isn't the only big reveal the German automaker made at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. VW has also just pulled the wraps off of the Talagon, one of its largest SUVs to date.The Talagon is a product
This is called the ‘Roewe Jing,’ which literally stands for ‘whale’
Say hello to the Roewe Jing, folks. This is the Chinese carmaker's newest SUV concept that was unveiled at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. Notice anything familiar with its grille?Well, it's supposed to look like a whale. In fact, the
We wouldn’t mind drying our hair with this one
The displays at this year's Auto Shanghai has been quite impressive so far, but this newly unveiled convertible is easily one of the most interesting cars we've seen throughout the entire show. Ladies and gents, meet the Wuling Hong Guang
In China, the Mazda CX-30 will soon be available as an EV crossover
See this? Yeah, this isn't just any normal Mazda CX-30. In case you missed the plate down there, it indicates that this particular unit is actually an electric vehicle. Gasp.Mazda currently has this baby up on display at Auto
It’s the biggest full-electric ID model to date
Meet the Volkswagen ID.6. We've had the 3, 4, and... well, they appear to have missed one out. To confuse numerical matters yet further, the ID.6 can have seven seats.It's the biggest full-electric ID model yet,
At Auto Shanghai 2021
Subtlety is nice. After all, you don't want to make it too obvious you spent a small fortune on a Rolls-Royce to stand out. At the same time, you can afford a Rolls-so do you really care?Maybe you
Mitsubishi has given us a glimpse of this China-bound EV concept
The list of eye-catching introductions at this year's Auto Shanghai just keeps on growing. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has added another with the reveal of the Airtrek concept, a new electric SUV that's targeted to be launched in China
Wait, what?
Ready to have your brain slightly scrambled? Welcome to the Audi A7 L, an elongated A7 Sportback for China. Which makes it-ahem-the sedan version of the hatchback version of a sedan.It's also (we'd argue) exactly as awkward
Think this will be a thing?
They may not be zipping about overhead like in The Jetsons, but so far, Volocopter's air taxis might be the closest we've gotten to having actual flying cars. Now, Chinese auto giant Geely is helping the company introduce the service
Just unveiled at the 2021 Auto Shanghai
To little surprise (and perhaps even less fanfare), Ford recently called time on the Mondeo, the surge of SUV demand simply too strong for the one staple sedan. But perhaps this is a glimpse at the kind of car we can expect
Meet the SF5, an extended-range EV built by Chinese automaker Seres
Everybody wants a piece of the EV pie. These days, it's not just carmakers jumping on the electrified bandwagon-tech companies such as Huawei are starting to venture into the field of electric cars, too.At the 2021 Auto Shanghai, Huawei
Should this make its way to our market, too?
We've been seeing photos and teasers of this SUV making the rounds on cyberspace over the past few months, but now it's official: Geely has finally revealed its latest SUV, the Xingyue L."In 2019, we unveiled a preface of
The carmaker dubs this as its “most advanced combustion engine ever”
Nissan has officially unveiled the all-new X-Trail at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. Doesn't really feel that new, does it?That's because you might have seen it launched as the Rogue in the US sometime last year-these two
It’s based on the GLB seven-seater
Another day, another all-new electric SUV. But the Mercedes-Benz EQB brings something different to the party: It's a proper seven-seat family car.We've already seen the Mercedes-Benz EQA-an all-electric GLA-and thus the makeup
A posh, electric-powered sedan, anyone?
Gone are the days when electric vehicles were relegated to overly conscious environmentalists and those looking to do away with conventional fuel expenses. Need proof? Performance brands are getting in on the segment, and some of the gnarliest cars around run on
This futuristic-looking EV was just unveiled at the 2021 Auto Shanghai
From the quirky little Honda e, we have come to this: the Honda SUV e:prototype. Quite the mouthful, isn't it?This is Honda's all-electric SUV designed for the Chinese market that the carmaker has just revealed at the
The premium midsize sedan is now quieter, more comfortable, and safer than ever
This year's Auto Shanghai is in full swing, and as promised, Lexus has officially unveiled the new ES.Let's talk design first. The changes aren't drastic, but they are tasteful. The headlamps are as aggressive-looking as ever, but
So this is what the two brands were up to
The all-new Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ? They're nice, but as far as cooperation between the two Japanese carmakers is concerned, we wouldn't consider either vehicle a new development. After all, both models relied on the same partnership in
Getting in and out of a car is important. But there are many ways of doing so
China is massive. More than 1.4 billion people live there. These people need to get around, and thus, China's car industry is also quite massive.Last month, for example, China shifted over 2.5 million cars, according to the China
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