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More than just a cosmetic upgrade
It's hard to ignore the rapid growth of the Chinese automotive industry, which is one of the largest contributors to many big car manufacturers' global sales. Over the past years, the car shows in China have gotten more important as more
After the equally new 570S
If ever a McLaren could be described as "affordable," this would be it. At the ongoing Auto Shanghai, the British carmaker launched the 540C Coupe. Billed as the most attainable McLaren yet, it joins the 570S in the Sports Series, which finally
How would you rate the design?
Like we said, it's awesome having an automotive market whose size is 20 million-plus units, because carmakers will regularly design products just for your country's demographics. We're still talking about China, and this time, it's Nissan's
At Auto Shanghai 2015
How old are you right now? If you're still in your teens, chances are you might live to see drastically different cars in the future. Maybe not quite the cars from The Jetsons, but still radically advanced enough to qualify themselves
Called Concept D for now
If your country is populated by newly motorized folks who buy 22 million brand-new cars each year, you can bet your garage all the auto companies on the face of the earth will fall over themselves developing motor vehicles specifically designed
Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015
Some cars, just like people, tend to mature in their demeanor once they hit a certain age. Some nameplates that are now hitting more than 30 years of production age are inclined to be bigger and more sluggish compared to their predecessors.
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