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'PH has lots of competitive race drivers, well-trained marshals'
An age-old debate
Recently, some of the younger members (myself included) of the Top Gear PH team took part in the first module of the Automobile Association Philippines' Motor Sports Development Program, coached by local racing legend Vip Isada. Among the many lessons that Coach
For almost all of its product offerings
Brio owners are going to love this news. The cutest car in the Honda vehicle lineup also happens to be the most fuel-efficient. This is according to a recent fuel economy test conducted by Honda Cars Philippines, which also included several
AAP president thinks so
Urban planners, what say you?Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) agrees with the proposed carpooling scheme, but with a condition. In a statement sent to, AAP says that before the government imposes the carpooling policy on EDSA, it should lift
A good way to start racing
The Automobile Association Philippines has just launched a grassroots-level training program aimed at developing the driving techniques of young drivers interested in improving both their everyday driving and racing skills. But before everyone goes on yapping about how we don't
Our associate editor is now ready to go
Before participants are allowed to compete in the Vios Cup, they have to go through driver training classes facilitated by JP Tuason and his crew of highly skilled racing instructors. This is done so that every driver is on the same page
Not really, says a manufacturer of fuel additives
Last month, Volkswagen\'s Philippine distributor, Automobile Central Enterprise, revealed that it wouldn\'t be selling gasoline-powered models after the German carmaker\'s engineers had tested our fuels and discovered that they contain manganese which \"can be damaging to some engine
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