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Thanks to a lot of Jettas sold
You might not have noticed, considering the Volkswagen Jetta is still a pretty rare sight on Philippine roads, but the German sedan experienced a pretty sizeable jump in sales last year. Just how big was it? Units sold increased by more than
Tamer regular model has arrived
A little over a year ago, Volkswagen Philippines brought in the Golf GTI. Fans of the German carmaker immediately fell in love with the hot hatch, if not for its pricing. You could say it was a case of love at first
At Banilad Town Center
Cebuanos are in for a treat this weekend as Volkswagen holds a roadshow at the Banilad Town Center in Cebu City. The event is ongoing and will run until April 17 (Sunday). It is hosted by Volkswagen Cebu.Customers will be able
Set to arrive this year
The Beetle's more rugged and playful brother is coming to the Philippines this year. This is one of the big announcements that Volkswagen Philippines made at its media thanksgiving dinner last night.First unveiled at the 2014 North American International Auto
More affordable cousin of Cayenne, Q7
When Volkswagen was relaunched in the country in late 2013, the Touareg was one of the initial vehicles on offer. With its reception in other markets mixed with our desire for SUVs, it was the model that somehow gave VW that wow
The younger they start, the better
There's a common preconceived notion that young drivers tend to be careless or even reckless behind the wheel. Some attribute this to their lack of experience and, in some cases, common sense. Now, whether it's a learning curve or just
It has a massager for the driver
Luxury, comfort, extravagance--these are the first three words that spring to mind when you set your sights on the all-new Volkswagen Passat. Very few cars, if any, better personify the lifestyle of the working elite.From the simple yet sleek
What are those vehicles?
Zero percent. Are there any two words more enticing to a potential car buyer (or any buyer for that matter)? We think not. The good news is that Volkswagen Philippines are throwing those two words around like crazy this October. Three cars,
We drive the German SUV to Baguio
We've got to hand it to Automobile Central Enterprise (aka Volkswagen Philippines) for pushing through with the Touareg media drive despite the ongoing emissions-cheating debacle happening in the US. You can read Top Gear's take on that issue here.
Are any local VW units affected?
The recent Volkswagen diesel-emissions scandal shook the entire automotive industy to its core, culminating in the resignation of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn several days ago. If you've been hibernating under a rock in the past week or so, the German
A promising European midsize sedan
Volkswagens may not be a common sight on our roads, but this, we believe, is due to the unfamiliarity of our market to the German carmaker's lineup beyond the Beetle, as well as the deep entrenchment of the Japanese car brands.
The all-new Volkswagen Passat is coming
There was a time when midsize sedans reigned supreme in the Philippine automotive market. Mitsubishi Galant, Honda Accord, Nissan Cefiro, Mazda 626, Toyota Camry--remember those days? In the last 15 years or so, however, the segment has seen a dramatic decline
Talks about automaker's potential
As you can imagine, we've met quite a number of car industry executives in our profession. Most of them are career industry players--those who joined a car company straight out of college and either stayed with the same firm or
You have to drive it to appreciate it
Aspirations drive us to great things. Today you're a manager, next year you want to be the veep. First you have a condo, next you want a house. This year you drive a nice Asian sedan, next year--or when the
And with air-conditioning at maximum!
It was dubbed the "Battle of Champions." The category winners of each of the three previous Volkswagen Eco Fun Run rounds were to be pitted against each other in this final event. We had done pretty well when we won the 1.
Check out the mall tour schedule
Parents, is the unforgiving summer heat forcing you to stay home where you can set your air-conditioner's thermostat to its coolest? Well, we have one compelling reason for you to drop by the mall instead of watching TV at home
Part of its corporate social responsibility
It's refreshing to take a break from the whole car-launch (speech, presentation, dancers, smoke, photos) routine sometimes. So today's event held by Volkswagen Philippines was a welcome break from the usual motoring event template.In a simple ceremony, Volkswagen
Volkswagen wins best booth at MIAS
At the recent 2015 Manila International Auto Show, Volkswagen Philippines occupied just 460sqm of the main exhibition floor. That space was easily dwarfed by the booths of Mazda (1,000sqm), Ford (750sqm), Subaru (690sqm) and even Tata (500sqm).But VW's corner
Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015
Some cars, just like people, tend to mature in their demeanor once they hit a certain age. Some nameplates that are now hitting more than 30 years of production age are inclined to be bigger and more sluggish compared to their predecessors.
Located on Quezon Avenue, to be exact
Volkswagen is not only busy launching new models, but it is also assiduously establishing its presence in different parts of the country. After setting up showrooms in Bonifacio Global City, Cebu City and Alabang, as well as a service center in Mandaluyong,
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