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Those ‘waffle and hex’ rims are just *chef’s kiss*
It's fair to say some elements of the latest Volkswagen Golf GTI haven't quite hit the spot. The Mk8 may be sharper to drive than ever, but it's also dropped a very sizeable ball when it comes to some
Don’t worry, guys
You've probably heard the news by now that wheel manufacturer BBS has filed bankruptcy in Germany. The announcement, however, has led to some misunderstandings on how exactly this will affect the company's supply and operations on a global scale, specifically
This is the company’s third declaration of bankruptcy since 2007
Businesses left and right have been crumbling to the COVID-19 crisis, and the latest victim of this pandemic is popular wheel manufacturer BBS. The company has now filed bankruptcy in Germany due to falling demand as a result of the coronavirus
Customize your car your way
More often than not, we have a thing or two to say about the wheels of another person's car. We like to think we're qualified judges when it comes to wheel design. We believe we know what looks good and
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