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What exactly is lag? Glad you asked. Lag is that glorious hiatus between when you squeeze the throttle and when the car lunges forward like it's just been electrocuted. Ooh, It's exhilarating. But, at times, also
We have a secret meeting with the M2’s great-grandfather in Japan
Once upon a time, there was an era when turbocharging wasn't just seen as the master key to unlock the laborious WLTP labyrinth. Back in the day, turbos came with a capital T and were toys the naughty boys at the
“We want to keep the flame burning, not worship the ashes,” says BMW design boss
Thanks to the rather wonderful Z8, BMW has relatively recent form in going retro. We asked its design boss Adrian van Hooydonk if there was any temptation to do so again when reinventing the 8-Series badge."The original 8-Series was
A fitting tribute to a classic model
Very few cars have the visual audacity to trade blows with a mint BMW 2002, but this new 2002 Hommage concept, which was unveiled on the eve of the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, might just be up to it. Looks
Iconic ancestor of the M2 Coupe
Over the weekend, we visited the city of Monterey, California, to drive the soon-to-arrive-in-our-market BMW M2 Coupe at the Laguna Seca racetrack. During lunch, inside the hospitality tent, we saw the two cars considered by BMW to
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