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One of our favorite BMW models
That wishes it was the new BMW M3, doesn't it?The new 320d M Sport is only a couple of exhaust pipes away from full M car drag. Brits love M Sports. So much, in fact, cars like the X6 and
That M badge makes quite a difference
Full M cars are vehicles of a different variety. They're the best that BMW has to offer, both in terms of hardware and driving dynamics. Understandably, all of them from the M135i to the M4 Coupe, cost a very, very pretty
Available in luxury, modern and sport lines
The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo has arrived.Brought in by Asian Carmakers Corporation, BMW\'s official distributor in the Philippines, the 320d Gran Turismo is priced at P3,890,000. It is powered by a 2.0-liter in-line four-
Officially joining the local stable on October 3
In pictures, it sort of looks like--and I\'ll be honest here--a fat Hyundai Accent. The sedan, at that. True, it struts more stylish pieces, obvious even in photos, but its shape suggests Hyundai-ness. It\'s one of those
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