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The only downside is that grille, again...
This is like a regular BMW 4-Series coupe, but as the name implies, you can put your Gran in the back. Versus the two-door car, it has another pair of doors and a hatchback.In a 4-Series two-door,
BMW’s compact lineup is expanding real quick
Welcome to the BMW i4's combustion-engined twin-the 4-Series Gran Coupe. With prices starting at around £40,000 (P2.7 million), it's effectively a slightly stretched four-door version of the two-door 4-Series Coupe. Itself a
Now in PH market
At the rate the German carmaker is going with its new product offerings, we admit we here at Top Gear find it a challenge to keep mental track of all BMW's latest models. It used to be simple numbers: 1, 3,
Including M3 and M4
At BMW Group's "Mobility of the Future" press conference today in Makati, the German carmaker revealed that a total of 16 new models will be released to the global market in 2014. Of that number, four new cars are sure to
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