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BMW’s compact lineup is expanding real quick
Welcome to the BMW i4's combustion-engined twin-the 4-Series Gran Coupe. With prices starting at around £40,000 (P2.7 million), it's effectively a slightly stretched four-door version of the two-door 4-Series Coupe. Itself a
Two variants are available, with prices starting at P3.99 million
This is it, ladies and gents. It was only a matter of time before we come across BMW's infamous grille on our roads. SMC Asia Car Distributors (SMCACDC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, has officially launched
It’s got a face only its designers could love
The 4-Series coupe is a 3-Series sedan on dress-down Friday. Two doors, a lower roofline, and a hunkered-down center of gravity meet the peerless powertrains from BMW's class-leading four-door. What used to be called the
Check out that front end
If you live in a place where neither the roads nor the weather is ideal for driving around in a top-down, but that won't stop you from doing so, welcome to a car that's made very much for people
To tide us over until the M4 arrives
The new BMW 4-Series doesn't pull any punches. At least not stylistically. Yet if you're one of the few people who've seen the launch pictures and thought, 'hmm, bit too demure,' then, we'd suggest lockdown hasn't
Sometimes less is more
You've likely seen the new BMW 4-Series by now. It's got grille. You'll love it or you'll hate it, but we suspect no one occupies the space between the two.But how about when it's shorn
What a grille
We're going to start at the beginning. Literally. The front. And oh my, what a lot of front it has. The new 4-Series's flared nostrils have inflamed all conversation about the car-indeed, about BMW design, in general-ever
Now in its final stage of development
Dubbed the M440i xDrive Coupe, this will be-at least until the new M4 shows its face-the 4-Series you will likely desire. The M340i Touring is, as we discovered recently, an exceptionally good car, with an exceptionally good engine.That
Claimed top speed? Oh, just 306kph
BMW M4 not rare enough for you? This is the Alpina B4 S Edition 99, and there are no prizes for guessing how many units of it will be made.Yep, Alpina's producing one short of a hundred, and over a
Now in PH market
At the rate the German carmaker is going with its new product offerings, we admit we here at Top Gear find it a challenge to keep mental track of all BMW's latest models. It used to be simple numbers: 1, 3,
See the category winners
The Audi A3 has been named the 2014 World Car of the Year by the World Car Awards, making it the second Audi model to receive the distinction following the A6 in 2005."The A6 was the first ever winner of this
To go on sale later this year
Just a few months after the BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe made their public debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, it's now the M4 convertible's turn to be unveiled, this time at the 2014 New York Auto
Winner to be revealed in April at New York Auto Show
The finalists for the 2014 World Car Awards have been revealed, including the finalists for each category as well as for the main award.From an initial list of 24 new vehicles, the three finalists for the 2014 World Car of the
Can you guess the price?
The BMW 4-Series is finally here, launched by Asian Carmakers Corporation last night at its Autoallee dealership in Quezon City. The 4-Series officially replaces the previous 3-Series Coupe. The new nomenclature is part of BMW's strategy to differentiate
To go on sale in 2nd half of 2014
BMW has finally revealed its all-new M3 sedan as well as its first M4 coupe, \"which capitalize on the strengths of the latest 3-Series sedan and fresh 4-Series coupe as their respective foundations.\"The new M3 and M4 mark
Coupe version of the 1-Series
Exactly a year ago, we reported here that German carmaker BMW would be introducing even-numbered series in their product lineup to clearly distinguish the sedans from the coupes. The 2-Series would be the coupe version of the 1-Series, and
For fans of al fresco driving
If you live in California--or even Baguio, for the purposes of geographical relevance--there will be days when you just want to feel the wind against your face while driving. Which is what the top-down convertible was invented for. And
You decide which car is more badass
Very shortly after we had posted the story on the BMW 4-Series coupe kitted out in M Performance Parts, we stumbled upon this, the M4 Concept, which the German carmaker is officially showing off at the Pebble Beach Concours d\'Elegance
Drool at the photos
In June, BMW announced that the new 4-Series coupe was hitting the assembly line. While boasting the profile of a proper two-door coupe, the new model sort of underwhelmed when viewed from the front. Based on the 3-Series sedan,
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