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They're more than just BMW tuners
In a nutshell, it's the car person's car company, alongside the likes of Ruf and Dallara. Down to its singular focus, stellar talents and severely limited build numbers, Alpina has become something of a byword for the chosen chariots of
Step inside the German car brand’s new electric flagship
About a month ago, before we were allowed to talk about it, BMW said if we signed lots of expensive-looking paperwork and promised not to leak it all over Twitter, Top Gear could have a look at a new i7 in
BMW is on a roll by launching the redesigned 7-Series just days after the new X7
Just a few days have passed since BMW pulled the covers off the face-lifted X7. Not content with one debut this month, the boys from Bavaria have now launched their all-new flagship sedan, the seventh-generation 7-Series. BMW says
Its large nostrils are now also called a “hallmark BMW design feature”
Yep, it's now apparently a "hallmark BMW design feature." Ahead of the new deluxe limo's full launch in a few weeks, BMW has released a few teaser pics of its new flagship and S-Class rival: the 7-Series.
It was inevitable
Yes, folks, you read that right: BMW will no longer build V12-engined cars, and the engine you (really can't) see here is one of the very last of a dying breed. That means it's time to sit forlornly in
Also, meet the country's first PHEV
BMW Philippines dropped a bombshell tonight when it announced that its facelifted flagship model, the 7-Series, will now come with a price tag starting below P6 million for 2020, and that it is bringing in the country's first plug-in
Alongside hybrid and conventional powertrains
Yep, the 5- and 7-Series are about to get fully-electric versions, as BMW pushes to cut CO2 emissions by at least a third per vehicle by 2030. It's also aiming to cut emissions from its factories and facilities by
Watch in style
Those who like to drive-in, er, in style should get themselves a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Spec'd with the individual seat configuration in the rear, the two seats are separated by a drinks cabinet with Rolls-Royce whisky glasses and decanter,
One way to modify an executive sedan without going overboard
With its-ahem-large grille, the BMW 7-Series is no longer the understated limo it once was. All the more reason, then, for the world's tuners to start picking them up and slapping on some aftermarket bits, surely?Normally, that
Featuring the one and only 007
Zone, Scene Zone.Sorry, we couldn't help it. Whether you're a fan or not, the James Bond franchise has entertained moviegoers for decades unlike anything before or since. Admit it: You've argued with your dad or tito (or maybe
It is currently up for sale online
Finally, a way to own a brand-new BMW 7-Series without having to put up with that outrageous grille. And what a 7-Series-an E38-era 740i, complete with a 282hp 4.4-liter nat-asp V8 and small wheels,
Traditional gasoline, diesel, and hybrid variants will also be part of the range
BMW has confirmed that its next-generation 7-Series will be offered as a full electric car. Which means that soon, all you'll be able to hear is the grille. And reactions to it, perhaps.Yup, continuing its march toward a
This model got a controversial facelift last year
BMW has a long, rich and wonderful history with art cars. We can't get enough. You'll often find corners of the TG office flicking through this gallery for our daily dose. Jeff Koons's M3 GT2. Andy Warhol's M1.
A one-off design study
You likely already know about this, but much like rewatching an old film because it provides a modicum of comfort, let us revisit this rather large gem sitting in BMW's arsenal. It is a V16-engined E32 7-Series.That's
We may not be able to afford them, but this is good to know
AMG has announced that its current generation of V12-engined S-Class sedans will be its last. There's no 12-cylinder Audi A8 in certain markets, and heck, the only Jaguar XJ left on sale is a turbodiesel.So, you'd
No, it doesn’t run her over
Still scared of driving out into the night for fear of encountering a 'White Lady'? Well, get over it. We aren't in the '90s anymore, and it's been a long while since plying Balete Drive in the wee hours was
Now with more grille
Possibly the world's most discreet 320kph+ car has had a bit of a facelift, and as a consequence, it has become much less discreet. That's not gone well.Changes to the Alpina B7 mirror those made to the car on
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