Meet the fastest factory BMW M3 to date
BMW has revived an old badge for a new car. Following the 3er Competition and 4er CSL variants comes this, the brand new BMW M3 CS; once a Goldilocks version of one of the best compact performance cars ever built, now a
Like something out of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise
This is a modified BMW M2 that has clearly crashed through all nine Fast & Furious movies. The wide-arched, bewinged orange coupe is an expression of everything M Division's in-house modifications department can offer prospective customers.We first saw the
This is only the second M-badged two-wheeler from the brand
Two years since BMW's M division rolled out the first ever M-badged motorcycle, BMW Motorrad is now back to add a new another high-powered bike to the stable: the BMW M1000 R.The new M1000 R-also nicknamed the '
A sign of things to come
This is your first look at a proper BMW M electric car. Full electric car. It's a "so-called concept test vehicle" that allows M to begin testing drive systems for its EVs of the future.At its core sits a
BMW was always into the arts
An engineer turned sculptor, Calder became famous for his huge abstract 'mobiles', a form of kinetic art that initially used motors to work but then relied on air currents. Rehearsed his art car moves on an aircraft for US carrier Braniff."My
If could've been the first road-going V8 M3
What, you may be thinking, is this doing here? It's clearly an E46 CSL, and they did that one. Built 1,383 of them in fact. It was the first M3 to have a carbon roof, accompanying the famous carbon airbox.
Say hello to the—deep breath—BMW M1000 RR 50 Years M anniversary model
BMW Motorrad marked an important milestone in late 2020 as it launched its first-ever M model, the M1000 RR. Now, this relatively fresh two-wheeler is taking part in yet another milestone for the German brand: the 50th anniversary of the
The new BMW iX M60 can hit 100kph in 3.8sec
We simply have to accept the fact that BMW M is going wilder and wilder as the years pass. After recently giving us a look at the Concept XM, BMW's performance arm is now back with another new creation: the iX
Got a favorite?
For decades, this was BMW's highest achievement. A superfast V8 two-seater, beautifully built. That package was gift-wrapped in a gorgeous body styled by Albrecht von Goertz. It came about because BMW wanted to make a splash in America, and
Which of these did you find most shocking?
So, in no particular order, here are some of the moments from Planet Car in 2021 that made us go "Eh?" And we begin near the end of the year, with yet another controversial BMW. We shouldn't be shocked by now,
To celebrate the Motorsport division’s 50th anniversary
The first rule of owning a BMW M car is you absolutely do talk about owning a BMW M car. And from January 2022, you'll be able to declare your love of BMW's famous Motorsport division via a brand-new
Currently dubbed as the Concept XM
BMW's M Division has announced it is to debut a new set of high-performance nostrils later this month.The nostrils-currently dubbed 'Concept XM'-will apparently become "the most expressive statement in almost 50 years of BMW M" and it'
*insert money-with-wings emoji here*
The fastest, sharpest, and only fully-faired sportbike in BMW Motorrad's lineup, the S1000 RR, represents the pinnacle of the Berlin brand's road-legal. However, there's something one step above that, and it's the bike you see here-
The pinnacle of the brand’s performance
Local BMW loyalists looking for a taste of the manufacturer's performance-oriented offerings are going to want to ready their bank accounts.SMC Asia Car Distributors, the German carmaker's official Philippine distributor, has just launched three of the company's
This 582hp Bimmer is set to lap the Nurburgring later this month
This is it-the basically finished, race-ready BMW M4 GT3. In development since late 2019-and set to run for the first time at the Nürburgring 24 Hours later this month-BMW Motorsport claims the new car is a big
The third variant so far in the upcoming iX range
The BMW iX is back to bless/trouble your eyes. It's back because the folks in Bavaria have announced that an iX M60 with an "output exceeding 600hp" will join the range at some point in the near future. Good grief.
It has what BMW calls a ‘panel bow’ soft top
As surely as night follows day, BMW has followed up the M4 Competition with this. This is the M4 Competition Convertible.A perfect car for this rainy, royal throne of kings, then, this sceptered isle. We'll start at the top. The
These paint/sticker jobs defined the cars as much as the underlying tech did
In 1993, Subaru debuted its new Prodrive developed Group A Impreza rally car, known as the Impreza 555, along with a new title sponsor, cigarette manufacturer State Express 555. Complete with a distinctive blue-and-yellow color scheme, the 555 name and
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