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Visayans itching for BMW motorbikes need not to travel to Manila
Only if you are believer of 'tiis-ganda'
Let's run a quick survey. Choose one: Small bike or big bike. We bet majority of those wanting to own a motorbike would rather go for stallions with large engine displacements instead of smaller scooters or underbones. For one, big
Despite his injury, a Pinoy rider's winning spirit prevailed
Most of us in the big bike community know Aris Cuevas well. Other than being friendly and a good family man, his fellow riders recognize his deep passion for motorcycles.So we were not surprised when he decided to try his luck
From complete off-road newbie, to somewhat less of a newbie
Motorcycling as a hobby has many facets. You could be into anything--participating in track days, cruising, motocross, or even trials riding. Name it, and you would most likely find a niche that you could enjoy doing while on two wheels.In
'It epitomized everything I looked for in an adventure bike'
I have been riding motorcycles for about 11 years already. In that time, I've owned and tested my fair share of adventure bikes, naked bikes, and dual sports. There was always one bike that eluded me. Ironically, it was the bike
Beer, sausages, and motorcycle parts
For three straight days, the rumbling of big motorcycle engines and the smell of gasoline and tire burn filled the air of the scenic town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, for the much-awaited 2017 BMW Motorrad Days that kicked off last
Old dogs learning new tricks
I've been riding motorcycles since I was a kid. I gained my riding skills relying on the old school 'widow style,' practicing from my father's Pantera motorcycle, and oftentimes without his permission. Up to now, I still hanker for knowledge
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