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But wait, there's more
Lashings of BMW's latest tech and two M Performance versions are supposedly the headlines for the new BMW X4. But we know that's not true. So do you. The less practical, more sporty cousin to the X3 lives and dies
Better safe than sorry
Official BMW distributor Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC) is calling for owners of select models of the German brand to get in touch with their dealerships regarding what the company calls a "technical upgrade campaign."The campaign entails a free, two-part "complimentary
Your vehicle can be of any brand
Attaining the ultimate driving machine just became a little easier. From May 14 to 17, official BMW distributor Asian Carmakers Corporation will host a "Trade-Up Weekend" at all accredited BMW dealerships across the country.Current or potential customers can just walk
Time flies when you're doing well
Not a few eyebrows were raised when BMW announced a decade-and-a-half ago that it would be coming out with an SUV. The German carmaker had been known for its successful motorsports program and exciting M cars. The very definition
Some footage from our cover shoot
It is possible that the BMW X6 is the most polarizing model in the German carmaker's lineup today. People either abhor it with a passion, or gaze at it adoringly. We think it's an awesome crossover, of course.Many buyers
Including M3 and M4
At BMW Group's "Mobility of the Future" press conference today in Makati, the German carmaker revealed that a total of 16 new models will be released to the global market in 2014. Of that number, four new cars are sure to
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