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It will hit 100kph in just 4.2 seconds
We'd just like to say that here at Top Gear, we're massive fans of the work Alpina has done over the years. Not just the excellent back catalog, but current stuff like the Alpina B3, too.And yet, this exists.
It’s as if the Bimmer didn’t look beefy enough already
Looks like Japanese tuner Wald thought the BMW X7 needed to stand out a little more.Check out its new body kit. Certainly not shy, is it? Wald has fitted a mighty new front bumper that almost makes that grille look small.
The Dark Side beckons
This is a big, V8-powered SUV, built by the folks over at BMW. Its official title is the BMW X7 'Dark Shadow Edition,' which is, according to the folks over at the German brand, the first 'Edition' model of the big,
It can lap the Nürburgring as fast as a V8-engined E90 M3
Wow. Okay. This is a thing then, is it? BMW's M people have decided that what the X7 really needed was a sporty body kit and some gloss black trim, and the result is certainly rather striking.The X7 is mighty
The German company’s biggest SUV to date
Yes, the BMW X7 has arrived on Philippine soil. SMC Asia Car Corporation, the German manufacturer's official local distributor, has brought in the brand's largest SUV to date, and it's a big deal-literally.The BMW X7 has been
This is the German carmaker’s largest SUV to date
The largest model in BMW's X-series is finally here in the Philippines, and it has everything that we expected from it: luxury, power, and sheer size.The BMW X7 truly is massive, stretching 5,151mm long, 2,000mm wide, and
Using an X7 body
Forget about Goodwood for a minute-feast your eyes on this thing. It's a BMW X7 pickup, created by 12 trainees from the company's body and vehicle mechanics, vehicle mechatronics and technical model construction departments.Based on the six-cylinder
As BMW goes upmarket with its biggest SUV yet, we try to see where it fits in the motoring landscape
Does the world need another BMW X-Series model? This is running through my head as I stare at the beautiful, massive BMWs lined up in front of the Raffles hotel in Warsaw, Poland. There are over a dozen all-new X7s
Still nimble despite its size
Have we reached peak grille yet? The X7 is BMW's biggest and most luxurious SUV, and it wants to be noticed. Even the BMW badge on the nose had to be made bigger to match this thing's outsize swagger.It'
The biggest Bimmer SUV ever
Welcome to a MASSIVE radiator grille, and the SUV to which it's attached. Ostensibly for the American market, we suspect, the BMW X7 is designed to compete with the full-fat Range Rover and Mercedes GLS. But at 5,151mm long,
Still in camouflage form
What is it, and why does it look like a circuit board?This is the BMW X7, BMW's biggest, most luxurious SUV. It's a decent chunk bigger than an X5, a touch bigger than a Range Rover (though not quite
Bigger than any Bimmer in history
Next year BMW promises to add to its crossover lineup not just with the small X2, but with the big X7.And. We. Mean. Big. This thumping great concept car is its precursor. The Concept X7 iPerformance will be revealed from under
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