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'It epitomized everything I looked for in an adventure bike'
This rider is going to Mongolia for the BMW Adventure Challenge
Using his riding expertise and technical knowledge about motorbikes, rider number 181 Aris Cuevas earned a slot to join the prestigious BMW GS International Trophy competition to be held in Mongolia next year.Considered the toughest motorcycle adventure challenge in the world,
BMW bikes, scenic roads and Manny Pacquiao
If you're a hardcore rider and you've seen most of the Philippines' 7,600+ breathtaking islands, where else would you go? This is the dilemma of some Pinoy riders who have all the luxury of time and money to travel
PH moto tourism is definitely on the rise
Like his longtime boss Jose 'Pepito' Alvarez, Bienvenido Santos, chairman of Columbian Automakers Corporation (CAC) and Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), has for a long time focused his eyes only on four brands: BMW, Peugeot, Kia and Mahindra-both these companies being the
From a lady rider’s point of view
For several years I've been content as a mere passenger of my husband on his big, tall adventure bike. Back then, I never craved to ride alone. Owning a motorbike was not on my bucket list, too. But with the ceaseless
Old dogs learning new tricks
I've been riding motorcycles since I was a kid. I gained my riding skills relying on the old school 'widow style,' practicing from my father's Pantera motorcycle, and oftentimes without his permission. Up to now, I still hanker for knowledge
R1200 RT goes against the Hypermotard 939
Good guys vs. bad guys. Cops vs. robbers. BMW vs. Ducati.Before you place your bets on who'll be victorious among these clashing camps, let me stress that this is all about an upcoming movie.On March 23, Warner Bros. Pictures
United we ride, divided we fall
I can't eat, I can't sleep. It has been almost two decades when I last saw myself riding on rugged mountains and crossing deep rivers. Through the years, my off-road riding skills have become rusty. When the invite to
On or off the road, the fun never stops
The BMW F650 GS was an amazing lightweight adventure bike. Hailing from the same family of two-wheelers as the potent F800 GS and the venerable R1200 GS, the 650 was powered by a large single-cylinder engine that gave oodles of
Best of both worlds
Superbikes give you the epitome of performance on two wheels. They accelerate harder than anything else on the road, and can corner to the point of scraping your knee sliders-or elbow pads in some cases.Like exotic cars, though, there are
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