What's your favorite and why is it the E38?
What is it?The original Big BMW sedan. Launched in 1977, this car took over from the 'New Six' era of Bimmers, based around a timeless design by Paul Bracq. Evidence of BMW's 'shark nose' era on display here. BMW said
What will it think of next?
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, as much as this driver's eyes might be deceiving them-this is someone driving a new BMW M2 while wearing VR goggles. And it's BMW's idea, too.BMW calls it ///M Mixed
These look sick
Truly, what it says on the tin. From head to toe, this R18's channeled stealth mode with lots of black lacquer and black chrome, plus a suite of darkened features including the headlight ring, air filter cover, fuel filler cap, matt
Complete with tow straps
The recipe for reactions to new BMW M cars has been fairly formulaic in recent years. First comes the standard car and we are all lightly shocked at its bold and controversial styling, then a couple of weeks later come the extra
The best hardcore M4?
The return of the CSL badge to a hardcore BMW for the first time in two decades. Take an M4, add 40hp, strip out 100kg, and build just 1,000 of them.Nerdy weight-saving. A carbon hood and trunklid save 24kg.
This should make for some fun gaming
With the recent silicon shortage making it hard to get both new cars and video game consoles, BMW has decided to roll the two into one by turning the center section of its BMW Curved Display into a fully fledged in-car
This is only the second M-badged two-wheeler from the brand
Two years since BMW's M division rolled out the first ever M-badged motorcycle, BMW Motorrad is now back to add a new another high-powered bike to the stable: the BMW M1000 R.The new M1000 R-also nicknamed the '
This looks like a hoot to drive
The new BMW M2 ticks off quite a few of M Division's traditional performance car boxes. There's a straight-six engine up front. There's the option of a manual gearbox in the middle. And it's rear-wheel-drive.
Yay or nay?
There are probably only a few things in the automotive industry right now more controversial than BMW's design language. Some people like where it's headed while some people downright abhor it.Perhaps the last vehicle BMW unveiled makes this topic
They're more than just BMW tuners
In a nutshell, it's the car person's car company, alongside the likes of Ruf and Dallara. Down to its singular focus, stellar talents and severely limited build numbers, Alpina has become something of a byword for the chosen chariots of
Something to look forward to
It should. It's based on the same platform as the BMW X3-one of the most sellable models in the brand's global lineup-with an identical shape, and similar overall design and proportions. Sure, the front grille isn't open
It could arrive within the next 12 months
The BMW iX is about to get a little brother in the Philippines.BMW Philippines has confirmed that the iX3 electric crossover will be made available in the local market. No exact timetable for the vehicle's arrival has been provided, but
Are you down with its exterior, though?
This is the new BMW XM, and it is a car of firsts, and mosts. The first M car to deploy a hybrid powertrain. And thus, the first M car able to be motivated-albeit for short distances-purely on electricity. The
Is the latest iteration of BMW’s littlest SUV any good?
It's BMW's littlest SUV. Only it's no longer quite so little. Just like a 3-Series fills the footprint vacated by an old 5-Series, the X1 now nudges the dimensions of the original X3.But for once we'
They're different in name, but the similarities are there
Indeed. Just over 20 years separates the sharp, narrowed eyes of the M240i and the slightly ratty, foggy headlights of the (slightly rusty) 328i Sport. Moreover, both cars sit one level below their respective range toppers: the M240i will bow of course,
Could this be a sign of rally aspirations?
First things first: BMW hasn't said a single thing about taking on the Dakar Rally. Nor a tilt at Extreme E. All this video shows is a 'Dune Taxi' sliding and slicing its way through a desolate and staggeringly beautiful corner
Imagine something like this turning up at your local car meet
Remember when YouTuber Simone Giertz decided to build a Tesla pickup? The 'Truckla' as it was so cleverly called turned heads and raised eyebrows, but not solely for the wrong reasons. The world was waiting for Tesla to unveil its pickup back
Not all is as it seems
If we didn't know any better, we'd say it looks like BMW is hedging its bets on the future of propulsion. As such, it's begun building its own fuel cells in Munich, the first of which will power a "
Is this special-edition classic worth the hefty price tag?
BMW Motorrad has produced a number of iconic bikes over the decades, but only a few come close to the famed R nineT. I've heard a lot of people call this their dream bike-and not all of them are riders,
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