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Zero disbursements have been made so far. The Loans Agreement closes in November
The mass transport system in Metro Manila is still a mess, and we're in dire need of solutions. But it appears that there's another setback as the World Bank has just canceled the loans for the Metro Manila BRT Line
Could the same be said about our situation here in Metro Manila?
Malaysia's public transport system is something that's been talked about a lot. Its first bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the BRT Sunway Line, is said to be Asia's first electric BRT system, and people raved about it when it
It could reduce travel time by as much as 40%
Senator Bam Aquino has thrown his support behind the bus rapid transit system for Cebu that's being planned by the Department of Transportation and Communications, saying that it will serve as an "efficient, safe and modern transport model" that can help
From Quezon Circle to Manila City Hall
After getting the National Economic Development Authority's approval last May to construct the country's first bus rapid transit system in Cebu, the Department of Transportation and Communications is now proposing to build a similar system that will serve the Quezon
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