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The company hopes to have zero emissions by 2050
Yes, booking a delivery rider through an app is the go-to solution for sending smaller items in a hurry. But for larger packages, you're going to need something bigger than a motorbike.Delivery vans are usually the answer, and as
The future’s looking electric
The recently concluded 2019 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) has been an eventful showcase. Thanks to all the companies that participated, we got a good look at what the future of the automotive industry may look like.As many of you probably
Are Chinese-made cars finally improving?
We can't believe we're saying this, but it might be about time to start taking Chinese car manufacturers a little more seriously. Maybe it'll do the industry some good to ease up on the made-in-China jokes a
Desirable? Definitely
The utter absurdity of the BYD Tang doesn't hit home until you activate "Acceleration Timer" mode. After the short pre-launch song-and-dance switching various toggles and displays to "Full Attack", the silent, all-electric launch is disappointingly void of
BYD unveils 'multi-layered electrified transportation solutions'
Two new clean transport alternatives have arrived in the Philippines in the form of the BYD Tang Super Sport and E5 electric vehicle (EV). The vehicles were revealed during the launch of the company's multi-layered electrified transportation solutions. And they
10 decent-looking cars from China
Say what you want about China and its cars, but you can't deny the fact that this Asian country is now truly established as the biggest automotive market in the world in terms of unit sales. Granted, many of the vehicles
You have to watch to believe
Chinese cars, for the most part, are still regularly looked down upon as being poor in quality. Despite this, there are still a model or two worth checking out. Like the BYD Qin hybrid sedan, for instance.Don't let this Chinese
We drive one to find out
Twenty years ago, BYD was a battery supplier with no automotive ambitions. Today, it sells thousands of e6 units every year in China, while the newer 300hp Qin hybrid is a runaway bestseller, trouncing cheap electric microcars as well as the Tesla
Is China-made F3 up to the task?
A fresh influx of taxicabs--and by this we mean brand-new--is always welcome news. We've all had experiences wherein we ride cabs that smell weird, feel icky, and leave you not wanting to know what the damp matter your
Too good to be true?
In August last year, we reported that BYD Philippines was bringing in the Qin, a plug-in hybrid sedan powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged internal-combustion engine and a 110kW electric motor. At the time, we quoted figures provided by
Slowly but surely branching out
Has the BYD car brand tickled your fancy? You will soon get the chance to check out its vehicle lineup at a dealership near you.According to Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corporation (Star Corp.) general manager Jose Paolo Soriano, the company
Are you ready for the Qin?
In September last year, we asked the Philippine distributor of Chinese-made BYD cars, Solar Transport and Automotive Resources, if they had plans of bringing in BYD's electric vehicles, since BYD had made its name with its rechargeable batteries."Only when
World's largest supplier of rechargeable batteries
BYD Auto may be a new player in the Philippine automotive industry, but it has been producing cars for the Chinese market for 10 years already. What's even more interesting is that parent firm BYD Company is reportedly one of the
It\'s not the Yuchengcos
As we reported a few days ago, there\'s a new Chinese carmaker in the market in the form of BYD. Solar Transport and Automotive Resources, the authorized distributor of BYD vehicles in the Philippines, held a press conference last night to
On same day as Volkswagen\'s big comeback
Nearly three years ago, in November 2010, we reported that Chinese car brand BYD would be entering the Philippine market via a distributor called Sino Motors Corporation, which was supposedly backed by the Yuchengco Group of Companies. We\'re not sure what
On the lookout for the next gold mine
In an interesting development, the Yuchengco Group of Companies--whose Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation owns a 12.9-percent stake in Honda Cars Philippines--has partnered with the LKG Group to form Sino Motors Corporation, which is now preparing to officially bring
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