The district office is now much bigger and boasts centralized air-conditioning
Any motorists and car owners here from Batangas? If you have any pending transactions with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), you can choose to carry them out at the newly inaugurated Lipa District Office.The new office was opened earlier this week
This site will produce 155cc models like the NMax
Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) has formally opened its second assembly plant at the Lima Technology Center (LTC) in Malvar, Batangas. This milestone signals the start of local manufacturing of the best-selling NMax 155.Former congresswoman Charito Plaza, now director-general of
Thank you, sir
See all that dirt settling on top of the cars parked outside on the street? That's not dust. Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few hours, you'll know that it's volcanic ash from this afternoon'
It’s all about the sensations
It's been three years since the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 arrived in the country. And if we're being honest, by this point we've reviewed the lovable roadster ad nauseam.We've written every conceivable thing about the current
It has to be worth the trip
The continuous expansion of the country's expressway system has paved the way for breakfast rides and the discovery of many beautiful places that riders look forward to during weekends.Among the things we look for when we embark on these two-
It can spread some cheer, too
With the abundance of parties and gift-giving every holiday season, it's easy to forget that not everyone is so lucky. While we're fortunate enough that our biggest concern is getting our Christmas shopping done and surviving holiday traffic, there
Make her feel special
Think about all those times that your mom has helped you out, given you the right advice, fed you, clothed you, and took care of you in every conceivable way. If she has done any of those things, then she deserves all
Much-awaited roadster rolls onto PH soil
One of the most awaited car models in our market right now is the all-new Mazda MX-5 roadster. The excitement almost approaches the levels we saw when Toyota brought in the 86 three years ago. And that's understandable, considering
We drive the American duo to Batangas
Long drives out of town are very taxing. You have to sit inside the car for hours, keep your head cool when stuck in Manila's traffic, and as soon as you hit the provincial roads, you have to deal with pedestrians,
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