It’s price sits at over P83 million
Yes, it's a Batmobile that's based on the iteration used in the 1989 Michael Keaton film, but it's also an electric vehicle.You see, this particular Batmobile was used for the Six Flags Batman Stunt Show that ran between
“It had to be entirely bespoke and hand-built by Bruce, piece by piece”
Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, had two unlikely reference points when he started work on this latest retelling of the Dark Knight. One was Travis Bickle, the Mohican-ed antihero of Martin Scorsese's 1976 classic Taxi Driver ("You talkin' to
In case Bruce Wayne ever decides to go green
The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is arguably one of the most iconic iterations of the Caped Crusader's ride to ever grace the silver screen. We can't imagine it was doing the environment any favors, though, on account
Kind of a stretch?
It's a shame that the Nissan Juke's current generation never saw a release in the Philippine market. We get that it was the call to make from a business perspective, but we just can't help feeling we missed out
A new trailer is out
So, another trailer for next year's The Batman has dropped. Do you know what that means? Yes, we get an even better look at the latest iteration of the Batmobile.By the looks of it, Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the
It features Robin’s signature, too
What car guy hasn't wanted to be Batman at some point in their lives? Sure, the dude has serious issues and spends his nights beating up bad guys dressed up like a bat-but the rides, man. The rides.Now, an
It comes complete with a cape
You're never too young to get into comic books and superheroes. Considering the prominence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it's a lot easier getting kids into comic culture these days, too.If, however, you're looking to get your
That suspension is insane
The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's Batman movies is arguably the most intimidating on-film iteration of the Dark Knight's ride yet. That said, it didn't exactly strike fear into the Joker or Bane any time it made an appearance.
This or the Tumbler?
There are three main reasons we're hyped to see The Batman when it hits theaters (or streaming services, if the health situation takes another turn for the worse) next year.One is that it's been quite a while since we'
Let’s put a smile on that face
Yes, the Tumbler kind of broke tradition when it came out in 2005's Batman Begins. It was, after all, more of a tank than anything else. It also wasn't very stylish compared to previous iterations of the Dark Knight's
Where does Keaton’s take on the character rank on your list?
It appears Bruce Wayne, albeit a different iteration of him from an alternate universe, is sticking with Mercedes-Benz for DC's upcoming Flash solo film.Leaked images from the set of Andrés Muschietti's The Flash have surfaced, giving DC
It looks absolutely gorgeous
As far as Batmobiles go, a lot of us here still think Tim Burton's version of Gotham's ultimate crime-fighting machine is still the best one yet. At least in our eyes, it's still the sleekest, most badass Batmobile
The film is set for a March 2022 release
After suffering a couple of setbacks (COVID-19, then lead actor Robert Pattinson testing positive), The Batman has resumed production. Recent set photos of the superhero film reboot show the Caped Crusader riding a motorcycle on the streets of Chicago, which served
Is this your favorite movie version, too?
Many fans consider Tim Burton's take on the Caped Crusader the quintessential Batman film. While comically cheesy by today's standards, the 1989 version set the standard for superhero films at the time: It features what some argue to be the
Any DC fans around here?
Batman fans are going to be in for a treat the next time they drive out.Waze has partnered with Warner Bros. Entertainment to bring the voices of Batman and the Riddler to its smartphone app. Even better? None other than the
Chicks dig the car
Few cars in TV, cinema, or comic book history tug at the heartstrings like the Batmobile. It doesn't even matter which one from a particular era you like, any of them will prompt hours of discussion.But as gearheads, we've
We now have our first look courtesy of director Matt Reeves himself
The Batmobile, despite the many shapes and forms it has taken in movies and comic books, remains one of the most iconic superhero cars to ever debut in print and on the big screen.As you may have heard by now, The
Not a good look for the Caped Crusader
The day has finally come: Batman has lived long enough to become the villain.According to a report by Russia Today, the Batmobile from Batman V Superman-or more likely a replica of the armored vehicle-has been impounded by traffic police
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