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When fictional universes collide
What do you do when you're a big multinational retail chain and you want to promote your online ordering service? In Walmart's case, the company decided that the natural course of action would be to combine some of the most
Including some infamous examples
A red teardrop coupe. That was the very first 'Batmobile', though it was never referred to as such. Making its first ever comic book appearance in 1939 was a "specially built high powered auto" driven by The Batman: A cross between a
Have you seen all the films on this list?
The Aston Martin DB5, which has appeared in seven James Bond movies from 1964's Goldfinger to 2015's Spectre, topped the list of greatest movie cars of all time, according to a survey of 2,000 UK respondents. Yes, we allow
Agree with our picks?
So now we're on to video games. To be honest, we've come up with so many 'top this, top that' lists we're beginning to lose count. Films, music videos, cartoons--if it's pop culture and it involves vehicles,
We dig Bruce Wayne's rides
So you might be wondering what a film review of Justice League is doing in Top Gear Philippines. Aside from the Batmobile, these super-powered beings have no use for cars. Not when most of them can fly/swim/run faster than
It does come in black, apparently
Get your ass to Mars, they said. What they didn't say, was that once there, you'd become the hero Mars deserves, but not the one it needs right now.Because a new Mars Rover prototype has been revealed, and it
Nananana, Batman!
It's a sad day for comic book and pop culture fans worldwide, given the recent news about Adam West's passing at the age of 88. The American actor was best known for his lead role in the TV show Batman
Nanananana, Lego!
Good news, caped crusaders! Your new Batmobile is available-and it's wearing a Chevy badge. Okay, so it's perhaps not quite as road-ready as the Chris Nolan-era Tumbler or the one Affleck took up against Superman, but we'
Inspiration can be found in dark places
What you're looking at is the work of graphic artist Encho Enchev. He is employed by game developer Ubisoft, and has done work on the Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series of video games. According to his
Just in time for 'Batman V Superman'
You could argue that the Batmobile is the most easily recognizable fictional vehicle in the world of entertainment. Over the years, it has taken on countless shapes and sizes--some of them iconic, others forgettable. The Gotham Knight's ride has been
Watch 5 entertaining videos
In this week's YouTube roundup, Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck rolls around behind the wheel of the new Batmobile; two grandmas get to try their hand at driving a 650hp Lamborghini; a 360-degree video shows Ronnie Renner and his
The legendary car reimagined
After teasing us with a single photo of the car's wide, muscular and flared hindquarters and leaving the rest to our imagination, BMW finally unveiled its 3.0 CSL Hommage concept in its entirety at this year's Concorso d'Eleganza
Movie trailer shows glimpse of the rear
Late last year, director Zack Snyder of the much-awaited superhero film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, shared a photo of the new Batmobile. The picture showed the Batmobile from the front.This time around, we get a glimpse of the
One reason is Batman's Tumbler
You probably know by now that we here at Top Gear Philippines are big fans of Lego toy cars. Fortunately for us, there are many authorized Lego sellers in Manila--not to mention Shell Philippines had an awesome marketing partnership with the
And Batgirl as Prince
When it comes to movie adaptations of comic-book characters, there is no doubt Marvel is doing an infinitely better job than DC Comics. Essentially, every recent movie of a DC character not directed by Christopher Nolan sucked--yes, including (and especially)
And I love Batmobiles
Who doesn't want to drive a Batmobile? During these dark times when policemen are doing kidnappings in broad daylight, the idea of just ramming crooks and hearing their corrupt bones crunch beneath bulletproof tires is a satisfying thought.Anyway, a few
To go on sale in September
The Tumbler, Batman's car in the Christopher Nolan-helmed Dark Knight film trilogy, will soon go on sale as a Lego vehicle under the toy brand's DC Comics Super Heroes line.The Lego Tumbler will make its public debut at
For upcoming Superman/Batman movie
Hollywood director Zack Snyder--the American auteur behind such films as Man Of Steel and 300--has tweeted photos of the next Batmobile for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie that he is set to also direct. The above photo shows a big
A price only a playboy billionaire like Bruce Wayne could afford
Barrett-Jackson, a popular auction house that specializes in automobiles, has sold the original Batmobile from the 1966 Batman TV show for $4.62 million (P187 million), making it "the highest-selling car at the company's annual Scottsdale Auction." The winning
The Caped Crusader's daily driver?
Kia has revealed the first project born out of its partnership with DC Entertainment, the comic-book publisher behind DC Comics' Justice League: the Batman-themed Kia Optima."Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, and showcasing in
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