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Just a touch slower than the W12, but significantly more fuel-efficient
History worth celebrating
Gold organ-stop air vents. That's the way to celebrate your 100th birthday. Yep, Bentley cruises through its first century this year and is having an 18-karat celebration. But there's more. In fact, the British carmaker has built an
Bring it on
Fancy a mid-engined supercar but want more practicality and luxury? Fancy a front-engined GT but want a better drive and less weight? McLaren reckons you might well do, and will soon have you covered.A new McLaren GT is coming.
Talk about wind in your hair
Since when did Bentleys get this fast? The new Continental GT Convertible is a 626hp, 899Nm car that can do 0-100kph in 3.8sec. It has a top speed of 333kph, for heaven's sake. That's supercar speed, from a
Live large in 1:24th scale
Who doesn't want to own a supercar? The thrill of speed and the magnificent sounds that their high-horsepower engines create will make even the most jaded car guy (or girl) giddy. Well, you can stop dreaming now because Petron is
Plush and timeless with added tech
Technology practically seeps through the millimetric panel gaps of the brand-new Bentley Continental GT, but this isn't a scientific calculator on forged 22-inch wheels, all processors and no panache. In fact, it's supposed to be the most definitively
The most powerful Bentley ever
Earlier this week, we released a story about how 'The most extreme Bentley ever' was going to be revealed soon. Well, here it is. Meet the new Continental Supersports, the most powerful and fastest accelerating Bentley ever made.The British carmaker's
Just gas up at Petron
If you're a lifelong gearhead, there's probably a small part of you that never quite grew up. The part that saw a supercar for the first time as a kid and decided that it was the coolest thing ever. You
521hp of output and 680Nm of torque
As if the Bentley Continental GT V8 isn\'t fast enough, the British carmaker is introducing the higher-performance \'S\' variants for both the coupe and convertible models, bridging the gap between the V8 and the W12-equipped cars.\"The Bentley Continental
Know how many units they\'ve already sold
Earlier this month, Audi and Porsche distributor PGA Cars formally opened the doors to the newest member of its high-end stable: Bentley Manila. Of course, the obvious question that immediately followed was: Can they sell a decent number of insanely priced
Joining Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche in distributor's stable
In late October last year, we reported that PGA Cars would be adding Bentley to its stable of high-end car brands, which now already includes Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche. Well, the time for the launch of the Volkswagen-owned British luxury
Presenting the Continental GT Speed Convertible
Bentley will debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show this month its new open-top performance flagship model--and the world's fastest four-seat convertible--called the Continental GT Speed Convertible.The GT Speed Convertible is powered by the same twin-
From London to Paris led by Ricky Hatton
If you grew up in the 1980s, then you'd know what the Cannonball Run was: a series of movies that repeatedly showcased a cross-country race being run with all kinds of vehicles, with the fastest entrant to complete the race
More fuel efficient yet nearly as powerful as the W12
Bentley has given its two new Continental models a V8 engine, fulfilling the British carmaker's environmental commitment to produce a new powertrain that delivers a 40-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.According to Bentley, the new 4.
An aural feast
A lot of carmakers are now using YouTube to put up teaser videos of its future offerings. The latest is Bentley and it has all to do with its engine sound.According to the British carmaker, the new sound of Bentley can
Topless touring
Nearly a year ago, Bentley unveiled the all-new, second-generation Continental GT. It's quite appropriate then that the British luxury carmaker will debut the convertible version of the Continental GT at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.According to Bentley,
More affordable than Ferrari's limited edition book!
Limited edition books based on cars seem to be the rage these days. Remember Ferrari's super exclusive book by Kraken Opus? Well, Bentley is the latest to join the bandwagon by teaming up with publishing house Hodder & Stoughton for a special,
On ice, that is
A minimally-modified Bentley Continental Supersports convertible now holds the new world speed record for a vehicle driven on ice as it ran an average of 330.695kph (205.48mph) on the hazardous frozen waters of the Baltic Sea off the coast
And it's nothing less than a Bentley
The spy with the license to kill is back, but this time he won't be driving an Aston Martin. James Bond will be behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental GT in the new book Carte Blanche.Written by international best-
Yes, it really is all-new
Bentley has taken a page off Porsche and designed the all-new Bentley Continental GT much like the German carmaker's 911, and that's to basically make the new car look much like its older counterpart.Though the car bears more
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