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The most powerful Bentley ever
Earlier this week, we released a story about how 'The most extreme Bentley ever' was going to be revealed soon. Well, here it is. Meet the new Continental Supersports, the most powerful and fastest accelerating Bentley ever made.The British carmaker's
Will this go into production?
Although it may be too late for it to join ball for sport-utility vehicles, Bentley still wants to test the market's acceptance of its own spore-ute by showing off the EXP 9 F all-wheel drive luxury SUV concept
An aural feast
A lot of carmakers are now using YouTube to put up teaser videos of its future offerings. The latest is Bentley and it has all to do with its engine sound.According to the British carmaker, the new sound of Bentley can
Topless touring
Nearly a year ago, Bentley unveiled the all-new, second-generation Continental GT. It's quite appropriate then that the British luxury carmaker will debut the convertible version of the Continental GT at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.According to Bentley,
There's no stopping the luxury SUV market
Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and BMW were the first luxury carmakers to jump on the opulent SUV bandwagon with the LX, the M-Class and the X5, respectively. Only a week ago, Maserati reportedly revealed that it, too, is entering the luxury SUV
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