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Big bike riders join Republika Ride 2 for a historic celebration in Malolos
If there's one thing that makes life difficult for many riders, it's coming up with a legit reason to go out with their motorbikes on a Sunday. We all know that Sunday is an important day to Pinoy families-it'
30 couples brave stormy weather to 'renew vows'
Are the weekend rides of your partner starting to bother you? Are you beginning to doubt where he or she rides every weekends? Or who he or she is riding with?If these questions are beginning to disturb you, don't hire
Bikes, breakfast, and a quick haircut!
There are days I ride out of town. And there are days I just take my motorcycle around the city away from the horrendous traffic. There are many routes for long out-of-town rides. But for short city rides, I hanker
Riders with a purpose
After successfully conducting four Breakfast Ride events, big bike groups have again bonded together, but not for happy times and motorcycle talk. It's time to be Good Samaritans, they say.Organizers of the Breakfast Ride, led by riding couple Raymon and
To unify the big bike clubs
As riders, my husband Pat and I enjoy our weekend breakfast rides for obvious reasons: The weather and traffic conditions for motorcycle riding are more pleasant and forgiving during these early hours of the day. It's just such a perfect way
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