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It's more than just plain racing
The penultimate round of the Vios Circuit Championship and the Vios Autocross Challenge happened at the Clark International Speedway (CIS) last weekend. Rains occurred as predicted, but the downpour didn't dampen the spirit of the fans who came to see the
It has changed car shopping, too
If you were sold a lemon vehicle a decade ago, how would you report the situation to the automotive company? If you were interested in a new car model 10 years ago, was a visit to a dealership the first step you'
Every car owner should practice these
Bridgestone Philippines has launched its "Hindi Pwede Ang Pwede Na 'Yan" safety campaign to remind motorists to keep their tires in proper, working condition to prevent accidents--especially now that rainy season has arrived.To kick things off, the company held a
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Bridgestone Philippines (@BridgestonePH)Underinflated tires wear faster and use up more gas.Overinflated tires have less grip. #SafetyBeginsWithBridgestone Philippines (@FordPhilippines)There's no such thing as 'too big' when it comes to Christmas! #KeepItFestive
Slippery roads call for a tire check
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the rainy season? A new umbrella or jacket? Maybe patching up a few leaks in your roof? For motorists, wet roads mean a tire check is in order. After
Check out this sales promo
You've probably noticed that it's getting hotter during the midday and afternoon. You reach for your water bottle more often, and you turn up the car's A/C a notch when driving. There's no doubt about it: Summer
As well as the 2nd and 3rd brands in our market
During a media event hosted earlier this week by Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation, the local distributor of Bridgestone tires, company president and CEO Marc Tagle revealed to what the Japanese tiremaker's market share in the country is."Bridgestone'
Promo until May 15
Bridgestone Philippines yesterday launched a sales promo that offers customers a chance to own limited-edition Casio watches. When you buy four tires sized 16 inches and above, you get the watch on the left (above photo); when you purchase four tires
Believe it or not
A team from motoring TV program Auto Review achieved a phenomenal 30km/L in a 1.3-liter variant of the all-new Toyota Vios, bagging the top prize in a fuel economy run organized recently by Bridgestone distributor Philippine Allied Enterprises.
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