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The car that can melt faces
The Ariel Atom is the bare-bones sports car that became famous for distorting former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson's face during one episode. Because the Atom is so fast, the wind blasted into the open cockpit and reshaped Clarkson's
Resistance to the trend is futile
The first renderings of Bentley's SUV, the Bentayga, were so comical many were unsure if the British carmaker was serious about actually producing it. The Bentley aesthetic--circular headlights, honeycomb grille, massive flanks--were well-suited for large, stately sedans and
Who would have predicted that?
If somebody had told us even just as recently as five years ago that there would be as many British car brands in the Philippines as the Japanese in 2015, we would have definitely laughed. Not only because our market remains a
It's now the largest, er, Mini
As modern Minis get better and more comfortable, they seem to be straying further from the meaning of their name. This is evident in the new Mini Clubman, now sporting four passenger doors and a split door in the rear.This Clubman
A different kind of invasion
Walking through Capitol Commons a few weeks ago, I could've sworn that I saw Rowan Atkinson milling around somewhere. Maybe he went inside the mall? He could have. My best bet, though, was that he was probably sneaking around behind that
Model lineup and showroom details
As early as July last year, we reported that British luxury carmaker Aston Martin was coming to the Philippines. In February this year, that report was confirmed when official news came out that Aston Martin had formally appointed its distributor in our
Take a trip down memory lane
The British Embassy Manila, together with Top Gear Philippines, staged the Great British Auto Show last Sunday, May 31st. Showcasing the rich British car industry and its impact on the motoring community in the Philippines, the first-of-its-kind car show
Want to display your UK-brand car?
The United Kingdom is home to some of the most revered automotive brands in the world: Jaguar, Mini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Lotus, MG, Morgan, McLaren and, of course, Aston Martin. It is only fitting that this country should be celebrated
We wouldn\'t have guessed it
British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Anwar Ahmad visited our office recently, and we got to know the cool chap a little bit. Appointed to his current post in July last year, Ahmad held court among the editors-in-chief of Summit
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