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Start saving up
You may have already heard rumors, but now it's officially official. Yes, McLaren is bringing its operations to local shores. The news was recently shared by distributor DBPhils Motorsports during a gathering with Philippine media, and we're excited.McLaren will
What’s your first impression of the vehicle?
So then, following on from the big reveal of the fifth-generation Range Rover last year, we now have the Mk3 Range Rover Sport to go with it. You only get one chance at a first impression. What's yours?Looks aside,
The brand’s flagships just got faster
Fresh from giving the F-Pace SUV 300 and 400 Sport models, Jaguar has done the same for the XE and the XF, by introducing a 300 Sport edition for the 2023 model year.There's no V8 or straight-six here,
Be ready to break out those checkbooks
Some big news for the Philippine market today, at least as far as supercars are concerned. The Lotus Emira, which may very well be the British performance car manufacturer's final internal combustion engine model, will be sold locally in 2022.Autohub
Digging the new look?
Think 'Rolls-Royce' and you don't usually think 'slippery aero.' A Phantom or a Cullinan is about as slippery as the Royal Albert Hall. Could that be about to change?Rolls-Royce has redesigned its Spirit of Ecstasy for an
Production has come to an end
Break out the tissues, people. The final Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora units have finally rolled off the production floor-the closing chapter in one of the most iconic eras of British car manufacturing.The brand announced the news yesterday, December 23,
Aston Martin has confirmed it will once again shoehorn a massive V12 into its smallest car, and, yes, we can officially call it: Christmas has come early.An almost comically short press release reads thusly: "You've heard about it. You will
And an off-road one at that
McLaren, famed for Formula One racing and a road car division that builds multiple carbon-tubbed mid-engined turbocharged wallop-chariots, has a new SUV. Yep. An electric SUV.This is not, however, a zero-emission rival to the Bentley Bentayga and
We’re not surprised
With over 50 years under its belt, the Range Rover name is one that's had plenty of practice catering to Land Rover's clientele. It's no surprise, really, that the model remains arguably the most renowned offering in a continuously
In case you're a fan of the car or the game
Remember late last year when Lego gave our quarantined butts something to do for Christmas by releasing an 830-piece McLaren Senna GTR Technic set? Yeah, that was neat-like a taste of a £1.1 million (P70.4 million) piece of
The brand knows where the industry is heading
If you still aren't convinced that the auto industry is heading towards an electric future, maybe this will serve as a proper wake-up call for you.Rolls-Royce, a brand that is all about quality (and price) over quantity, has
It will cost you
Mini John Cooper Works GP Inspired Edition. That's a pretty long name-but nowhere near as long as the list of add-ons and upgrades it gets over its non-JCW counterpart. We'll get to that in a bit, but
We dig it
The McLaren F1 comes from a simpler time-when electrification was still in the back of most people's minds, touchscreens were reserved for science fiction films, and supercar manufacturers weren't as trigger happy with special releases.If that last bit
Waiting for this?
It might have taken its sweet time getting here, but the Land Rover Defender 90 is now finally available in the Philippine market. Coventry Motors Corporation, the off-road specialist's official local distributor, has shared that the Land Rover Defender 90
Which one would you drive home?
Aston Martin's formula as a brand is a pretty straightforward one: Make fast cars that look good, drive great, and cost much. Its unending push for automotive perfection, though, doesn't mean its engineers and designers aren't given room to
We prefer the convertible
Top or no top? That is the question. No, not that top. We know it's summer, but leave your shirts on, people. We're referring to those of you who've been awaiting what Mini's had planned for its John
The car isn’t half-bad, either
Many utilitarians take pride in keeping their SUV's rear cargo area as organized as possible. Sometimes, this is done via bins, racks, or other no-brainer aftermarket accessories. Count yourself among the lucky if your ride comes with a neatly concealed
Can you guess what model the milestone unit was?
Production milestones are a pretty big deal in the industry. On paper, the number of units a carmaker builds over x amount of years does not just reflect how well-received a product is-it can be an indication of the company'
The Range Rover Sport is an SUV that feels like it's been around forever. This isn't really the case, and in the grand scheme of the industry, it's actually a relatively young nameplate.Can you guess what year the
Each unit is hand-assembled and takes up to 5,000 hours to make
Continuation models-a newfound phenomenon of the car industry and a prickly talking point for moneyed collectors. You may have noticed a load of them sprout out of factories in the last few years, normally for crazy prices. There's been continuation
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