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The unit has been acquired by a Danish car museum
They’re still European-engineered
Morris Garages, or simply 'MG,' is once again making its presence felt in the Philippine market. The brand's cars are built by SAIC in China, and while that may raise a flag for some folks, these cars are still European-engineered-
The luck of the Irish
From 1962 to 1963, the Saab 96 reigned supreme at the historic Rallye de Monte Carlo, with its goofy two-stroke three-cylinder engine and moon-faced Swedish pilot, Erik Carlsson. But this glory was short lived. The next four years would
A great mix of power and drivability
The current-gen series 3 Exige was first introduced in late 2011. Back then it was the first production Exige to make over 300hp--a milestone for the model. Fast-forward to May 2018 and we're already welcoming the latest Exige
'80s kids rejoice!
Who knows what the car-shunning millennials make of it all, but for an entire generation of sports car fans, TVR equates to unruly high performance, perilous sideways excursions and, if we're completely honest, a frequently challenging ownership experience.Now meet
But perhaps the price is part of the appeal
Hang on, this isn't a new car. It is, sort of. It's called the Mini Remastered and it's the work of Silverstone-based start up, David Brown Automotive. The idea is to take an original Mini, pull it to
Not so Mini anymore
As much as you love the simplicity and timeless appeal of Mini's earlier models, you can't help but appreciate the work the company puts into making more practical and innovative cars with every generation. Case in point: the all-new
One of 100 units
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Only 100 units available globally and only one here in the Philippines--that's how difficult this car is to come by. The Aston
A retro-modern British roadster
It has been over a decade since Bristol introduced its last all-new car, and five years since the old company went into administration. Now under Kamkorp Group, the newly formed Bristol Automotive Group is back on its feet. And what better
The car that can melt faces
The Ariel Atom is the bare-bones sports car that became famous for distorting former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson's face during one episode. Because the Atom is so fast, the wind blasted into the open cockpit and reshaped Clarkson's
Somebody notify Mr. James Bond
If we could use only one word to describe an Aston Martin, it would be "beautiful." Put simply, the British luxury carmaker produces some of the most gorgeous cars in the industry. The DB9 was a sight to behold, and the DB10
End of an era for British carmaker
To say that a Rolls-Royce is a classic is to point out the obvious. The fact of the matter is that these handcrafted beauties, with their bespoke levels of luxury, are prized possessions the moment they are ordered from the factory.
Meeting the not-so-little car that could
If you think the Mini Cooper is a hoot to drive, wait till you try the Mini John Cooper Works. We had the chance to get behind its wheel in Indonesia a few weeks ago, and it certainly lived up to its
Taken at Top Gear Conference party
This is the truth: Any Aston Martin car is a show-stopper. If you have even just a modicum of car appreciation in your veins, you will stop dead in your tracks to admire a passing work of motoring art from Gaydon,
Now selling British supercars to Filipinos
If not for the stage and the host, we wouldn't have thought the Aston Martin Manila launch yesterday was an automotive event. There was great food, a mini string orchestra playing only James Bond music, casino tables, and an open bar
Lets you see those pesky tailgaters
One of the main issues when towing a trailer is how it can block your rear-view vision. For the longest time, the only solution was to have extended mirrors that would allow you to see around the sides of the trailer.
The Brits get first dibs, of course
When the all-new Jaguar XF was unveiled a few months ago, the carmaker hired British stuntman Jim Dowdall, a veteran of such action-film franchises as Bourne, Indiana Jones and James Bond, to take the wheel of the new XF. He
Real sports cars for real drivers
You know your event has gearhead cred when there are supercars parked in front. This was the scene at the recent grand launch of Lotus Cars Manila in Greenhills, San Juan. The opening drew in the men who enjoyed--and could afford--
Who would have predicted that?
If somebody had told us even just as recently as five years ago that there would be as many British car brands in the Philippines as the Japanese in 2015, we would have definitely laughed. Not only because our market remains a
Is this the pinnacle of opulence?
Tracing its roots back to the original model introduced in 1968, the latest Jaguar XJ is touted to be one of the most luxurious rides in the full-size sedan class. The face-lifted model takes its cue from the X351 body
Special one-off model for true royalty
Range Rover has a certain aura that makes people believe that only the upper crust of society is worthy of riding in such vehicles. The iconic off-roader uses the finest materials and the most advanced engineering that make it fit for
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