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Say hello to Big Brother
So you probably know by now about the government's PUV modernization program, and how it plans to revamp and upgrade our public transportation systems. Well, the Department of Transportation has just made public its Ominibus Franchising Guidelines (OFG) on the program,
Did you make your mom happy today?
By now, you must be quite familiar with the MMDA's May Huli Ba website, the agency's new online facility that lets motorists conveniently check if their plate number has any unsettled traffic violations as recorded via the no-contact apprehension
Perfect lines for the lovelorn
Pick your poison: unrequited love or ruined romance? They're two of the most poignant of all human experiences, and almost everyone can relate to them--precisely why hugot lines became so popular. So to ensure that its new May Huli Ba
Laugh all you want
So, the MMDA's May Huli Ba website is a hit. The agency's new online facility for traffic-violation verification got so much traffic when we announced it this morning that it kept crashing. The funny replies people get when they
For everyone's peace of mind
As you know, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has put in effect its no-contact apprehension policy, which means you can now be cited for a traffic violation through the agency's network of CCTV cameras scattered throughout the metro, without a
Project is called Na-HuliCam Ka Ba?
Understandably, the Metro Manila Development Authority's decision to re-implement its no-contact apprehension policy has been met with an avalanche of questions and criticism on social media.One of the most prominent issues motorists have with the policy is how
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