This is now an actual and legal thing in California
Let's face it: License plates can often ruin the face of a car. If it's on an everyday sedan or SUV, that's no problem. But if it's on a car-show entry or a multi-million-peso supercar,
And how many stops did it take to get there?
Arguably at the top of tourist-y things Pinoys do when in San Francisco is snap a pic with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background-a vibe that US-based artist Toro y Moi served up when he dropped the cover
Some ideas are just too early
It's Toyota's first production electric car. Hardly as avant-garde or willfully overstyled as you were expecting, is it?Yep, what you're looking at is an original-shape RAV4, stripped of engine and gearbox and fitted with a brace
At a hospital parking garage of all places
Apparently, some car enthusiasts in the US didn't get the memo that the world is in the middle of a pandemic.A few days ago, a small car show in California erupted into chaos after thousands of people showed up. To
Califronia love (for the environment)
Some big news for those of you residing in California. The state has just announced that it's moving to eliminate the sale of gasoline-powered cars and trucks. This follows Governor Gavin Newsom's issuance of an executive order requiring
Musk threatens to move to another state
Elon Musk could be about to rage-quit California. He's expressed fury on Twitter over lockdown restrictions in Alameda County where the Tesla Motors Fremont factory is situated, and tweeted the following barrage over the weekend:Musk continued tweeting, appealing to
There's no use running
Every police force has its own fleet of highly capable pursuit vehicles. The United Arab Emirates has famously acquired a few supercars. Manila's finest has the rugged Mahindra Enforcer. And most US states have had the trusty Ford Caprice in their
Top 10 countries with most Hummer units
Remember the Korean-made Mercedes-Benz MB100 vans that were popular in the '90s? Do you recall how ubiquitous they were during that era? What happened to all of them? One can't say they just became old. A lot of '90s-
On video and complete with engine sounds!
Last month at the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari revealed an enhanced version of its California, with the upgrades coming in the form of new exhaust manifolds and revised engine mapping. According to Ferrari, these new treatments to the California bumped up the
A hardcore grand tourer
Ferrari is set to debut a lighter, more powerful version of the California grand tourer at the Geneva Motor Show in March.Utilizing cutting-edge aluminum fabrication techniques and construction technologies resulted in an overall weight reduction of 30kg that, according to
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