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People are still hungry for new vehicles
The hunger for new automobiles in our market seems far from sated. According to the latest numbers from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) that covers the first half of 2023, sales grew
Has the local auto industry finally recovered?
The numbers are in...and things are looking good.The official December sales tally from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) has been posted showing 37,259 units sold in the final month of
The new ruling will ease vehicle imports and exports in the region
The Philippine automobile industry is embracing a landmark agreement by members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) that eases testing regulations on automotive products in the region.In a statement released to Esquire Philippines, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers Association
With the theme 'Future Mobility'
Ready for a slew of new cars, cool concepts, and all the newest automotive merch? If so, then you should check out the upcoming Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). The bi-annual event is back for its seventh edition.This time around,
No surprises here
To confirm what we all saw coming, fewer people are buying new cars this year versus in 2017, due to higher excise taxes, rising inflation, and increasing fuel prices.As of June 2018, Philippine vehicle sales have hit an industry total of
According to CAMPI and TMA
With the increase in vehicle excise tax looming over everyone's heads, customers are rushing to dealerships nationwide to get in while the going is good. The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) have
Are these the future of commuting?
Just recently, the government launched its plans to bring public utility vehicles (PUVs) to the modern age, upgrading them to meet with local and international standards. Its a good way to make some, and let's be honest here, outdated modes of
Sales grew by 76%
Once the Top Gear PH team settled back in to work after the holidays, the one word that we kept hearing from local car distributors was "more." One press release after another from different carmakers showed a lot of impressive numbers. A
It's been a fast rise
One look out the window during your daily drive or commute can already tell you a lot about the recent growth of the Philippine automotive industry. Right now, there are more vehicles (and owners to go with them) on the road than
An impressive year for the industry
We want to start with an explanation. You should be reading this sales report more than a year ago, and much more frequently. Well, somewhere along the line, it became more difficult procuring the numbers needed to compile a monthly report.As
Sees 'clearer direction' from gov't
On Tuesday, we reported that President Aquino had finally signed the implementation of the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy, a government program meant to spur the growth of car manufacturing in the country. The government plans to achieve this by providing incentives to
Expects to make PH a carmaking hub
The President has more good news to announce when he delivers his State of the Nation Address later this month: He has finally signed an Executive Order to implement the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (or CARS) program, the most tangible result of
A car guy's hangover
I arrived bright and early on opening day of the 5th Philippine International Motor Show to witness the ribbon-cutting, and I stayed on to catch every program that each of the manufacturers had lined up for the crowd. All I can
More reasons to catch the event
While Toyota and Mitsubishi didn't reveal anything brand-new or groundbreaking at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show, they took a page from their rich heritage and looked to the future (Toyota's Fun-Vii Concept) and to the past (Mitsubishi'
Do not miss these vehicle displays
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you visit the 5th Philippine International Motor Show, which is open until this Sunday (September 21). Each booth has something interesting on display--and that excludes the after-sales and technology pavilion.So, we round
It's only a couple of weeks away
With the opening of the 2014 Philippine International Motor Show just two weeks away--on September 18 to be exact--members of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, the show's organizer, have begun announcing what vehicles they will be
Government, apparently, is to blame
Japanese car manufacturers with production facilities in the Philippines are reportedly warming to the idea of transferring their business to other Southeast Asian countries as the Philippine government's long-awaited plans for the local car manufacturing industry continue to be delayed.
Happening on September 18-21
Who's excited for the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines' (CAMPI) biennial motor show? Happening on September 18-21 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) will highlight the growth of the
Happening on September 18-21
We've revealed the official logo and slogan for the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) happening on September 18-21 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Today, we share with you the things you can expect to see at
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