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What say you, purists?
No factory Corvette has ever been this fast. Or this electrified. Marking 70 years of one of the world's most famous car names comes a bit of a shock: the all-wheel-drive, hybrid Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray.Yes, it's
We know the exchange rate is bad, but damn-this price increase is really giving us the sweats.Drop by the official Chevrolet Philippines website and you'll notice that the brand has implemented some pretty steep price bumps across its lineup.
The hybrid will be launched next year followed by the fully electric version
How long did we have to wait for a mid-engined Corvette-about 65 years? Well, you spend a lifetime holding out for a revolution and then two turn up in the same decade.Fresh from ditching its rear-engine configuration in
It could out-Ferrari Ferrari
What if I were to tell you that later this year, someone was going to launch a new supercar with no electric assistance. No hybrid help. No turbos, either. And that, in these twilight days of internal combustion, its engine would be
Available on 2023 Stingray and Z06 models
Next year, the Corvette nameplate is turning 70 years old. Eight generations across seven decades. Chevrolet says it's currently the longest-running nameplate of any car on the road today.To mark the occasion, Chevy has now revealed the 70th Anniversary
They stood out in the briefest of appearances
Say what you will about the film (just not 'Martha', please), there is one truly shining, unexpected motoring moment. Not when Batman literally guns down goons in his cartoonish Batmobile, but when Bruce Wayne pulls up to a lavish gala in an
This one’s quite the looker both inside and out
As you may have heard by now, the C8 Chevrolet Corvette is officially in the Philippines. And as we promised earlier today, we have with us here more photos and details of Chevrolet Philippines' newest sports car.We've already shown you
After more than two years since its global debut
Well, that was quick. A few days ago, we speculated about the Chevrolet Corvette's possible arrival in our market. Now, Chevrolet Philippines has officially launched the all-new sports car. Let's take a look.We've been seeing this car
One of its recent social media posts suggests so
Chevrolet Philippines may have overhauled its lineup earlier this year, but it appears the carmaker will still be pushing through with some of its previous plans. Specifically, the launch of the C8 Corvette.The Covenant Car Company (TCCCI)-the local distributor of
It revs all the way up to 8,600rpm
Chevrolet has finally pulled the wraps off of the new Corvette Z06, and it's as beastly as the Internet was expecting it to be.The initial reports hold true, as the C8 Z06 debuts with 5.5-liter V8 that revs
According to multiple reports, the Z06 will be capable of more than 600hp
Chevrolet has been teasing the upcoming Corvette Z06 for quite a while, but now the carmaker has gone all out and given us a good look at the supercar ahead of its launch."Who needs spy photos when you've got the
A sad sight
Few things are more heartbreaking to a car lover than seeing amazing cars rotting away in some abandoned lot somewhere. It's sad enough coming across a dust-covered auto waiting for its owner in a parking garage, but coming across supercars
Clarkson takes the (practical) Lambo
Jordan Clarkson is the very definition of an NBA success story.Drafted in the second round by the Washington Wizards before being immediately sent to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash, the 28-year-old Filipino-American worked his way toward becoming
The last one proves that power isn’t everything, though
What could have more promise, more raw curb appeal, than a mid-engined, pointy-nosed Ferrari with a V8 engine burbling away behind the seats? Well, one with more than 153hp, for a kick-off.Yep, in 1980, Ferrari decided to pull
Along with two other Chevys
This, fine people of the Internet, is a mid-engined Corvette Stingray pace car. It'll lead the competitors at the Daytona 500. It's the sixth time a Corvette has been on duty, though the first since 2008 when a C6-
One cool grandpa
When it comes to cars, age doesn't matter. A young man in his twenties can own a 50-year-old classic, or an old man in his sixties could have himself a brand-spankin'-new sports car. You do you.Take
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