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Customers need not worry
Earlier this week, we reported that General Motors was discontinuing the production of the Chevrolet Spin and Sonic as part of its restructuring plans in Southeast Asia. Presumably, customers who own these two car models now have concerns about the status of
At the end of their life cycle
As previously reported, General Motors, the mother company of Chevrolet, is restructuring its operations in Thailand. The measure, however, isn't limited to our Southeast Asian neighbor--it applies to the entire region as well.Besides withdrawing its participation in the second
Diesel superhero
I have been dying to try out the economy of the diesel Chevrolet Spin since it was first confirmed it was coming out. The gasoline LTZ variant is a good MPV, but there's the nagging feeling that the diesel would be
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Hi, Botchi. It's my first time to buy a new car, and I want to seek your advice. I'm a family man with a two-year-old son. I've been browsing the web to check out cars, and my
If you can't borrow the real thing, make one
When we learned that we were not allowed to drive the Google Street View car and tell the tale of the experience to our readers, disappointment enveloped us. Gone was the dream of driving it and marveling at the technology found inside
From micro cars to full-size SUVs
I always advise friends who ask me what car to get: "Buy the biggest one you can afford." Young, starting families need to look several years ahead and ask if the compact they're planning to get will suffice. Self-employed folks
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