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Courtroom drama ahead?
With great influence, comes great responsibility.One social media influencer in China has drawn the ire of Tesla, after he shared footage of the electric car manufacturer's automatic brake system failing to his millions of followers.According to a report by
Available only in China
Tesla isn't just known as one of the globe's leading electric car manufacturers. Elon Musk's pride and joy also has a reputation for making its products do rather unusual stuff.From the top of our head, there's being
The buying power of the Chinese market just can't be denied. Need proof? Even the Mustang-a shining beacon of American motoring in its purest form-is now made in the People's Republic.Ford has announced that the first batch
Soon, range anxiety will be a thing of the past
For the longest time, one of the biggest roadblocks in the path to vehicle electrification was range anxiety-the fear that you'd run out of juice in the middle of nowhere and end up stranded with a useless metal box.Now,
It now exists as a premium-ish sedan for the Chinese market
There's a heck of a lot of sense in recycling old car names. It saves the long and tricky trademarking process, and neatly avoids calling your car the Mitsubishi Prostitute.So, it ought to have been little surprise that the Ford
It’s for the Chinese market
The retro wave continues as Wuyang Honda, the Japanese brand's Chinese subsidiary, has introduced the CB190SS. Based on the same 184cc engine platform as the Hornet 2.0 and the CB200X, this classical-style naked bike looks like a mini rendition
The Chinese market will be the first to get these
Zero traffic collision fatalities by the year 2050. Now, that might seem like a long way off, but it isn't really ages away in the grand scheme of things. Honda, though, seems dead set on meeting this target.To meet it,
Some of these will be available in China in 2022
The Honda e is one of our favorite vehicles from recent memory, in good part because the brand went all-in on the idea of an electric car. Not just a car that runs on electricity-we're talking about a ride
These offer quite a bit of range
Chinese carmaker Wuling Motors seems pretty fond of building little electric vehicles. Nearly a year after the launch of the affordable Hong Guang Mini EV, the company has now unveiled the new Nano EV at the Tianjin International Auto Show.Not all
This is basically a redesigned 11th-generation Civic
Your eyes do not deceive you. The image you see above is a new Honda Integra. Obviously, this isn't the actual next-gen sports car that Honda recently gave us a preview of, as we won't be seeing that one
A sad sight
Few things are more heartbreaking to a car lover than seeing amazing cars rotting away in some abandoned lot somewhere. It's sad enough coming across a dust-covered auto waiting for its owner in a parking garage, but coming across supercars
The carmaker has released teaser images
The Honda Odyssey, Kia Carnival, and Toyota Alphard-it seems like every memorable minvan in the Philippine market has been around for ages already. Hyundai, though, could make things a bit more interesting if it decides to bring in the Custo.The
Think we’ll feel this here in the Philippines, too?
The US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and European Union are pushing back against China's Belt and Road initiative with a global infrastructure plan of its own.The members of the Group of Seven (G7) has agreed on the Build
Is this the future of taxi services?
In the Philippines, ride-hailing companies like Grab and, before it ditched the market, Uber, have overtaken taxis in the commuting hierarchy. But we think there's still a future for cabs in the transportation scene-albeit a driverless one.In Beijing,
This is VW’s large SUV launched in the Chinese market
The Volkswagen ID.6 isn't the only big reveal the German automaker made at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. VW has also just pulled the wraps off of the Talagon, one of its largest SUVs to date.The Talagon is a product
In China, the Mazda CX-30 will soon be available as an EV crossover
See this? Yeah, this isn't just any normal Mazda CX-30. In case you missed the plate down there, it indicates that this particular unit is actually an electric vehicle. Gasp.Mazda currently has this baby up on display at Auto
It’s the biggest full-electric ID model to date
Meet the Volkswagen ID.6. We've had the 3, 4, and... well, they appear to have missed one out. To confuse numerical matters yet further, the ID.6 can have seven seats.It's the biggest full-electric ID model yet,
Think this will be a thing?
They may not be zipping about overhead like in The Jetsons, but so far, Volocopter's air taxis might be the closest we've gotten to having actual flying cars. Now, Chinese auto giant Geely is helping the company introduce the service
The carmaker dubs this as its “most advanced combustion engine ever”
Nissan has officially unveiled the all-new X-Trail at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. Doesn't really feel that new, does it?That's because you might have seen it launched as the Rogue in the US sometime last year-these two
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