The guy was brutally honest talking about Ferrari’s new hybrid supercar
It's a fact that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is incredibly fast. It just set a lap record at the Top Gear test track, remember? Outright speed, though, isn't always what people look for in a supercar. That's why the
In which The Stig drives a tank, among other notable moments
The new series of Top Gear is nearly here, and as ever, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring you the very latest in the world of sensible consumer motoring.Which of course involves sending Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff, and Chris
The duality of a car guy's life
We all have our weaknesses-Paddy McGuinness can be rendered speechless by a flump, and mine, for my sins, is a good value convertible. Almost always a car I should detest.How many of you, like me, spent the majority of the
Drifting porn
Top Gear UK has apparently spent the past couple of months combing through the Chris Harris Drives archives, so they decided to stitch all their favorite bits into one awesome video. Imagine all your dream rides drifting and sliding in one ten-
Shoddy public transport isn't helping
Can we somehow identify the individual who coined the phrase 'Smart Motorway' and administer an especially grievous Chinese burn? Talk about creating a rod for your own back by raising expectations beyond what might be delivered.If you're from the UK,
The market has been saturated
When I was a bit younger and more intense and had less perspective on life, I used to get myself into a terrible pickle about not having driven every new supercar. Twenty years ago, in the Autocar office, if someone else's
With a few exceptions
Time to clarify some thoughts on the subject of the SUV. The vehicle that will probably hasten the demise of the internal combustion engine.From 2010 to 2018, the global market share of SUVs has risen from 17% to 39%. According to
While we wait for the day we can finally hit the track again
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing us all to lock ourselves up inside our homes, we gearheads have to resort to watching videos and looking for content online to quench our thirst to go out and drive again.But while we
Don't always aim for the top spec
We live in a world of blurred boundaries and confusing overlap. No one knows what a thing is supposed to be any more; because everything wants to be everything. And by that I mean every sports car wants to be comfortable and
This is fast becoming our favorite McLaren
Someone cleverer than I am will be able to explain why placing the steering wheel and the driver's seat in the center of a car's cabin makes it feel so special. Why it tugs at the emotional connection between man
It was ahead of its time
When it launched in 2010, the BMW 1-Series M Coupe was accused of not being a proper M car. Whatever that means. The adenoidal voices of complaint pointed out the engine was straight from a 135i, and that the core of
Anyone care to bungee-jump a roadster?
There's a lot to be excited about this new year, but one thing we're especially looking forward to is the premiere of Season 28 of Top Gear TV.Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Andrew Flintoff are back at it again
“It’s the right car at the wrong time”
Top Gear's Chris Harris doesn't like SUVs, and he's never held back in expressing his disdain for them. Just check out his review of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, for instance. "There are far too many tasteless rich people for
If he had to pick between that and the DeLorean, he’d choose the truck
How far we've come
We now know enough about the Valkyrie to be certain that it will be the fastest, most extreme road car ever built. Others might have a higher top speed, or more power, but for the only true measurement of overall performance - lap
What racing is all about
To celebrate the Mini's 60th birthday, at this year's Goodwood Members' Meeting there was a special one-off mega Minitastic race. No less than 60 pre-1966 racing Minis got together to form the Betty Richmond Trophy which promised to
The boys are back
It is, let's be honest, a dark time of year for television. But fear not, because Top Gear TV is back to make life more bearable! Series 26 (or possibly Series 3, or Series 4, depending on which calendar you're
“This is the most extraordinary roomful of cars I’ve ever seen”
A couple of months ago, we did a gallery of the cars in RM Sotheby's Youngtimer collection. These youngtimer cars date back mostly to the '80s or '90s and are not quite classics just yet, so if you score a choice
Just for kicks
In case you missed it, episode three of last year's Top Gear Series 25 brought the gang to Japan, where the guys took in the awesomely bonkers car culture, went 'sumo wrestler racing,' and tested two of the country's finest
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