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As countermeasures to the expected increase in traffic congestion
Are you preparing yourself for the imminent holiday traffic? If so, then you might be glad about this announcement from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).The agency recently held a meeting with the Department of Public Works and Highways, shopping mall
An ominous sign of what’s in store for us in the coming months
We're a few days away from the end of August, and that means we're coming closer and closer to the holiday season. Although that might seem like a lot of fun-especially for the kids-the 'ber' months spell something
“Mas kinatatakutan daw kasi kami”
Yes, the 'ber' months are just around the corner-and so is worse traffic congestion in Metro Manila. So, other than once again hearing the Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan in every shopping mall, we will again see personnel of the
How sweet it is
Last year, we wrote about how free the roads are in Metro Manila during the holiday respite between Christmas and New Year. Today, on our first day back at work since stuffing ourselves silly during noche buena, we noticed that the roads
From December 13 to 24
Worried about the impending holiday traffic? That's understandable. December has always been one of the worst times for congestion. Between the mall sales and everyone flush with 13th month 'bonuses,' it's a bad time to be stuck on the road.
We hope these work
The Christmas season is upon us, which means traffic is only going to get worse from this point. Recognizing this, the House Committee on Metro Manila Development has assessed the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic's (I-ACT) plan of attack to
This will be a big help
SM just gave us our first taste of 2018 holiday traffic madness with a three-day Megamall sale, and it's only going to get worse in the weeks to come. People have cash and things need to be bought, so it'
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year
As I'm writing this, I just arrived fresh off a drive from the Makati business district, normally a hellhole of gridlock, to our office in Pioneer.When I got in the car, Will Smith's "Miami" was playing mid-verse on
In preparation for Christmas traffic
The traffic in Metro Manila becomes downright unbearable during the mad rush of the Christmas season. To help ease the congestion for motorists, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Quezon City government have signed a memorandum of agreement for the establishment
Plan your trips accordingly
We've got news, and it's entirely up to you whether or not it's good or bad. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced via its official Facebook page that the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (i-ACT) will
We're talking about the traffic
Normally, you're excited for Christmas and you can't wait for the holidays to come. You probably wished that it came a lot sooner in the year. Well in 2017 motorists on EDSA got their wish...sort of. According to a
It's that time of year again
This month marks the official arrival of traffic hell-or as it's more commonly known, Christmas in Manila. Extended mall hours, 13th month pay, a ton of discounts-yep, it's definitely here alright. All these factors and more come together
A seasonal plan to decongest traffic
Did you know that there is a shortage of buses on EDSA during peak hours? That's what Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras revealed yesterday during a press conference at the MMDA headquarters. You may sometimes feel that you and your car are
From December 23 to January 4
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has announced that the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program--otherwise known as the number-coding scheme--will be lifted from December 23 to January 4.No word if the cities of Makati and Las Piñas will
Until December 23 only
Early this month, we listed down the 11 traffic management programs that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority was implementing for the holiday season, one of which was the provision "for shuttle buses to and from the Domestic Airport for arriving and departing
Know which routes to take and avoid
With Metro Manila traffic expected to become heavier (or more intense, if you will) as the holiday season draws closer, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is implementing 11 traffic management programs to help ease the traffic buildup and assist motorists.1. New
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