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And here we go
Earlier this year, the Department of Finance (DOF) proposed a series of measures aimed at gradually alleviating the country's growing debt-among them, the removal of the excise tax exemption for pickups.Well, it appears this will soon be more than
Should this pass?
The P300 penalty for violating Metro Manila's number coding scheme might seem like spare change to some. If you barely make enough to get by, though? That sum is the difference between having food on the table and going to bed
For legislation’s sake
There's recently been a lot of talk about lane-splitting ever since House Bill No. 1419 or the Anti Lane Splitting Law of 2019 was refiled in Congress. While it's all well and good that there'll be actual legislation
Will this make it into law?
Well, here's a timely development amidst all the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) issues: A new bill that aims to compensate motorists apprehended for unfair traffic violations has been filed in congress.House Bill no. 3366 is also referred to as "
Do you think we need a law like this?
Here in the Philippines, it's technically illegal for riders to lane split. No rider ever gets apprehended for it, though, probably because traffic here is so bad that authorities would rather have riders filtering their way out of gridlock to help
This bill seeks to address major commuter woes
House Bill No. 2064 or the proposed Magna Carta for Commuters was recently filed in Congress. It's long overdue, but it's still as timely as ever given today's sorry state of public transport.We already reported about this, but
As well as free parking at select establishments
One way to help offset the rising cost of fuel in the country is by carpooling. Instead of several motorists each taking their own vehicle out, everyone just bunches up inside one car. Less fuel consumed and less space taken up on
This is still a thing, by the way
Some of you may have become complacent when it comes to installing RFID stickers on your vehicles. And to be honest? We don't blame you. Our country's expressways still have cash payment booths on hand at toll plazas anyway.In
Think this will pass?
Remember the Proof of Parking Space Act from 2018? It's probably safe to say that didn't push through as planned, huh? This isn't deterring one lawmaker from filing a similar bill in congress, though.House Bill No. 31, also
The bill is still subject to amendments
We have important news for motorists: As oil prices continue to spike, the House of Representatives Committee on Energy has now approved amendments to Republic Act No. 8479 or the Oil Deregulation Law that will help prevent fuel companies from continuously jacking
Some good news
The Philippines is taking another step towards an electric motoring future.Proponents of green transport will be glad to know that House Bill 10213, also referred to as the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act, has passed Congress in its third and final
Part of production has to be outsourced
The Land Transportation Office's (LTO) problem with the license plates of more than 18 million registered motorcycles in the country is far from over. This was what LTO chief Edgar Galvante admitted to the House Committee on Appropriations during the 2022
Does the PH need something like this?
If Congress gets its way, there might soon be an easier way for car owners to find out about vehicle recalls and service campaigns their units might be included in.House Bill No. 9503, also known as the Product Safety Online Information
Congress gave it the green light on the third and final reading
Lawmakers have been working on regulating parking fees for several years now already, but it appears Congress is now a step closer to seeing a bill standardizing parking rates passed into law.House Bill No. 7725, also known as the Parking Operations
A lawmaker has made this suggestion
This week, the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) technical working group in charge of overseeing the motorcycle-taxi pilot run one again conducted a virtual meeting and consultation with stakeholders to discuss the ongoing trial operations of three motorcycle-taxi companies in
Another development
Worried over having to shell out for an expensive new child car seat? Well, if Congress gets its way, you can rest easy for now.Muntinlupa City Representative Ruffy Biazon recently bared that members of the House Committee on Transportation are looking
Sell a car, plant 10 trees, repeat
A carmaker plants 10 trees for every vehicle it sells. How does that deal sound to you? There's a chance this will soon be mandatory, as a bill stating exactly that has just been filed in Congress.House Bill No. 8337-
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