Timely stuff
The Ford F-150 Lightning might just be the breakthrough electric vehicles need in the US market. Us, though? We just want one so we're prepared in case of a blackout. Ford says the vehicle's extended-range battery can power
This Indonesian YouTuber has some mad skills
You've probably seen motorcycles made out of lighters, a hobby people have been engaging in for decades. But what about cars?If there's one thing this pandemic has done, it's given a lot of bored craftsmen plenty of time
A fun solution to an age-old problem
If you're old enough to remember who MacGyver is-the original MacGyver, at least-then you've probably been wrenching on your car for a while. For those of us who've worked on older or more obscure cars, the pain
A lot of times a replacement isn't necessary
Keeping what's under the hood clean is just as vital, if not more so, as maintaining what's outside. As such, you need to keep an eye out for dirty parts-what they look like, and more important, how to get
Creator of iconic repair manuals and RAF veteran passes away at the age of 80
John Haynes, creator of the iconic Haynes Manual and founder of the Haynes International Motor Museum, has died. He was 80 years old.Sad news indeed. Haynes was almost single-handedly responsible for inspiring generations of home mechanics. His detailed books gave
These parts don't last forever
Knowing your car intimately will help prolong its life. Be aware of wear items like belts and hoses. These components are often overlooked and if they fail, you will be left stranded by the side of the road. These parts don't
This vital engine component must always be in good shape
I began to notice a pink coolant residue that was beginning to form around the top of the radiator of my car. It eventually got worse. I'm glad I have a spare radiator handy. It's time to install it.It'
Because rainy season is in full swing
If you are able to catch rust early, you can remedy it yourself without having to resort to extensive body repair. You just need to know what to look for and have the right tools for the job.Medium. You need some
This requires immediate attention
Erratic engine temperatures? Needing to top up the radiator every morning? It is time to inspect the engine cooling system. Case study is my brother's Honda Civic. The hatchback has been showing inconsistent temperatures after a major overheat. Something happened and
Sometimes, sensitive engine components need a little protection
We came across Billion Super Thermo Cloth in Japan and became curious. Our daily-driven Mazda Miata is fitted with aftermarket exhaust headers without any mounting points for the stock heat shield. Plastic parts located near the exhaust system have begun to
Be careful though
Growing up as a kid of the EDSA Revolution, the '90s was a hodgepodge of friends and video game consoles. We'd hang out, and for most of my teenage years my mother would have no idea where I was, nor was
Leave it to the pros
So you just bought your first car. Great! And now, you're excited about the prospect of tinkering and fixing up your ride to your heart's content. Who needs to go to a shop, you think to yourself. You've read
Here are other ways to keep your cabin fresh
Car perfumes are cheap, generally smell good and come in a variety of different scents. They're a quick way to freshen up an otherwise plain-smelling interior, or even mask a putrid one if you're that type of owner (which
A fun DIY project
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. If you spend a lot of time inside your car, then chances are you do a lot more while you're in there aside
For pogi points and performance
When it comes to vehicle aesthetics, your wheels are what make your car's looks pop. Upgrading wheels is commonly the first consideration after one acquires a vehicle. It's also one of the most popular and expensive modifications, adding both performance
Car owners should keep this in mind
Investing in a vehicle is no laughing matter and preparing a secured, sheltered space for your four-wheeler beforehand should be a priority. Take a drive around the city and you'll realize that a lot of car owners don't really
No need to panic
The hydraulic system that actuates the clutch in your manual-transmission car will not last forever. Just like every wear item, the master and slave cylinders will fail eventually. The slave, located near the gearbox, is usually the first to go. Back
It needs to be "recharged"
One of the main reasons for wanting to use a K&N filter is not because the maker claims that its product can last the lifetime of the car. A drop-in filter, like the one fitted on this 1996 Mazda Miata,
It's more work than you think
The motorcycle has become quite popular these days. From congested city streets to wide open highways, nothing screams freedom more than cruising on any two-wheeler; from a monstrous superbike to a stylish scooter.Just like any vehicle, these bikes need a
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