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Currently out of reach of PH law
In August last year, Dalia Guerrero, the widow of slain racing driver Enzo Pastor, was declared an official suspect in the murder of her husband. She hasn't been seen since then.But the Pastor family may now be much closer to
Who's playing character based on Dalia?
An independent film producer by the name of Anna Bautista Linatoc got in touch with us to inform us that her outfit, ABL Company, is making a movie based on the life of slain Filipino race car driver Enzo Pastor, who was
Watch the moving video
Exactly one year ago today, June 12, Philippine race car driver Enzo Pastor was gunned down in Quezon City while he was on his way to deliver a race car to Clark International Speedway. We distinctly remember our reaction when we first
Anything to honor his memory
Just like any family that lost a loved one, the kin of the late race car driver Enzo Pastor are doing their best to remember him this All Souls' Day. Pastor was shot dead in Quezon City on June 12 this year,
Find out why
Circuit Showdown, the grassroots racing series founded and run by the late Enzo Pastor, will hold its farewell race today at Clark International Speedway as a way for organizers to fulfill their contractual obligations and for friends to pay tribute to the
An exclusive interview with our EIC
Right after race car driver Enzo Pastor was shot dead near midnight of June 12 this year, the rumor mill started turning. And it turned dizzyingly fast. There were theories, guesses, suspicions--all passed around the motorsports community in muffled conversations, each
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