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It’s the goal of Mission ARR, or ‘American Automotive Renaissance’
We get to the more obscure names on the list
Time for an inconvenient truth. No, not that one, with impossibly large global consequences-just a smaller, regularly inconvenient one: BMWs aren't good-looking anymore. Sure, there's a few exceptions in the muscular M2, the reserved 5-Series, and brutish
Turbocharging and electrification were out of the question
De Tomaso has always used Ford engines, from the Cortina's little in-line four to blooming great V8s. So seeing as the company's new owners are obsessed with "retaining the spirit and DNA of the brand," it makes complete sense
This bejeweled beast carries a hefty price tag
Italian sports-car maker De Tomaso is 60 years old in 2019. But you might not know that, since De Tomaso has gone bust more times than a whiskey-soaked blackjack newbie. De Tomaso is indeed back, however, and what a way
The maker of the Pantera will launch its ‘Project P’ car in July
Good news, everyone-De Tomaso is back.The team behind Apollo and the outrageous Intensa Emozione (pictured below) bought the rights to the defunct Argentine-Italian supercar maker back in 2014, and since then has been working on the brand's revival.
Say hello to the Ares Panther
Ladies and gentlemen, behold the return of the pop-up headlights. A quiet moment of triumph for a truly distinguishing feature, unfairly and hastily consigned to history.Ares Design has revealed a host of details and new images of its rather tasty
Believe it or not
The De Tomaso Pantera had a very long life for a supercar, having been in production for 21 years from 1970 to 1991. Despite the fact that only 7,260 units were sold, the Pantera nameplate remains to be the most popular
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