As if supercars weren’t enough
Dubai's police force wants to take its criminal-pursuit capabilities to the next level. No, it isn't adding a couple of shiny new supercars to its fleet-what these cops have in mind is way, way better.This hazardous-looking
That's one way of saving money
You wouldn't think watching a car get an oil change would be so satisfying. But then again, a Bugatti Veyron can make any mundane maintenance job look like a work of art. How long did it take? More than 12 hours.
It will pick up where the California T left off
Dubai is an intriguing destination. It's basically a desert that has become a major business hub. While the oil production has helped boost Dubai's growth in the early stages, tourism and real estate have truly put the city on the
And we're here waiting for physical ones
License plates: Two words that have motorists all over the Philippines clenching their fists in frustration. And to rub salt to the wound, while we're stuck waiting ages for something that should've arrived years ago, other places are already making
Do you believe the hype?
No, that's not a typo. A hypercar with that many zeroes on its spec sheet actually exists. Pictured above is the Devel Sixteen, a hypercar made by some big dreams and imaginations from Dubai. It sports a quad-turbo, 12.3-
Featuring exotic supercars, of course
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Just like that and we're already on the eighth installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana video series. And this time, the popular drift
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