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A new factory will be built as part of a £2-billion investment
It already has a purpose-built track
Dyson-maker of cool fans and vacuum cleaners-is doing an electric car. And this is where said car is going to be developed.The company's new campus at Hullavington Airfield in Wiltshire has already had £85 million (P5.9 billion)
Is it a stretch?
By now, you may have heard that Dyson--a world-famous vacuum cleaner company--is plunging into the business of building electric cars. Here's what we know so far:* The British company's goal is to launch an electric car by
It sucks. Literally
Funny how a long time ago, vacuums were just mundane household equipment hidden behind the door or inside the closet. Sure, you notice it every now and then when it's time for an upgrade, but it's something you'd think
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