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Do EV batteries really drain that fast?
MYTH: You'll have to get a new battery in a few yearsMany electric car doubters assume the battery will be dead after eight years, because that's how long most of their guarantees last. They also say, well, their phone batteries
Now that’s convenience
One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes the electric vehicle (EV) adoption is charging, or the lack of charging infrastructure, rather. But what if you didn't need to drop by a charging station every now and then? What if you
Chargers for e-bikes and electric kick scooters will be launched, too
Another week, another establishment with a new set of electric vehicle chargers opened to the public. This time, it's the Uptown mall in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) with its Pulsar Plus 22kw charging stations.While the star of the show at
An important question to ask now that a new EV charging station has opened up
Planning to buy an EV?
On paper, the lapse of the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA) into law is a sign that perhaps Philippine motoring is finally ready to start making up lost ground in electric vehicle adoption. But it isn't just infrastructure or import
The ZipCharge Go can provide around 30km of range in 30 minutes
Recently made the switch to an electric vehicle? Struggling to find a regular charging spot or constantly suffering from range anxiety? British company ZipCharge has unveiled a new product at COP26 that aims to solve that.It's called the ZipCharge Go,
The prototype looks like a real-life R2-D2
The automotive industry takes another big step towards electrification, as Volkswagen has now revealed the prototype versions of its new mobile charging robot. It's exactly what it sounds like: a robot built to facilitate autonomous charging of EVs in a restricted
This is the future
Germany is making another move to usher in an era of electric mobility.According to a report by Reuters, the European nation will be requiring gas stations to provide EV charging infrastructure for motorists as part of a €130 billion (P7.3
Because who wants to spend time waiting at a charging station?
The best time to charge an electric vehicle is when you're doing something else-working, sleeping, eating, and so on. But that's not always possible. Not everyone has the means to install a wallbox at home, or somewhere to plug
The ‘EV and Charging Station Act’ could help save up to P490-B annually
If you're one of those people who think we need more electric vehicles in the country-specifically in Metro Manila-then get a load of this: an 'Electric Vehicles and Charging Station Act' has now been filed in the Senate.Senator
‘There’s no way to go but electric’
Taiwanese scooter builder Kymco has revealed plans to build a modern scooter manufacturing plant somewhere in Batangas, which will involve huge investments ranging anywhere from $12 million (P650 million) to $18 million (P972 million).Reports say Kymco Philippines has started conducting a
To be used by i-MiEV and Outlander PHEV units
Tired of your daily dose of smog and dust during rush hour commutes? Don't worry, because you're not alone. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) just built an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (
Located in Denmark
From Tesla's Instagram account; follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram
At 20 yen per minute
Nissan, together with Yokohama City in Japan, will launch on October 11 a one-way car-sharing service using 100 units of its New Mobility Concept ultra-compact electric vehicle.The project is known as Choimobi Yokohama, a joint venture between Nissan
Photos galore inside
How serendipitous.Today, Meralco will formally launch its pilot charging station for electric vehicles, known as the Meralco eVehicle Power Station. This perfectly coincides with the unveiling of the BMW i3, which the German carmaker touts as \"the world\'s first premium
To be launched at the end of this month
In May last year, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines formally turned over demo units of the i-MiEV electric car to Meralco and the Department of Energy as part of the trio\'s Electric Vehicle Cooperation Agreement. The goal was to help the government
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