Have you heard of the GAZ Group?
The Russian invasion continues. This time, it's the GAZ Group which has sent its official Philippine distributor, the Eastern Petroleum Group (EPG), a fresh batch of light commercial vehicles.EPG chairman Fernando Martinez says that units of the manufacturer's Gazelle
From C5/Taguig all the way to Batasan in QC
The so-called 'Golden Age of Infrastructure' of the Duterte administration is now at full throttle. Government officials involved in infrastructure, transportation and traffic management came in full force during the ground-breaking ceremony for the 34km South East Metro Manila Expressway (
Odd-even, anyone?
The East side of Manila consists of a few cities and municipalities nestled so closely together that determining your postal address can sometimes be tricky. Still, the area is home to some unique sights and roads that you wouldn't find anywhere
Almost like our Congress's parking lot
Each summer, it's now a staple tradition for a harem of high-end hypercars to swarm the streets of London. A cursory glance at the number plates reveals that a lot of them hail from the Middle East. So, in order
According to a report, we might
The last decade or so in the automotive industry witnessed how subcompact cars became the low-cost alternative to compact cars, making them the new "it" car. If you see a new Toyota Vios parked beside a mid-'90s "Big Body" Corolla,
Customers need not worry
Earlier this week, we reported that General Motors was discontinuing the production of the Chevrolet Spin and Sonic as part of its restructuring plans in Southeast Asia. Presumably, customers who own these two car models now have concerns about the status of
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