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How sports cars became legends
1950s: 250 GT California SpiderFerrari the organization entered the '50s aged just three, and exited the decade triumphant in sports car racing, Formula 1, and the manufacturer of the world's most desired road cars.Core to this imperious rise was its
What's your favorite one?
Ferraris seem to have a natural star quality about them. The stunning looks and the lightning-quick performance are enough to sweep anyone off his feet regardless of whether or not the person knows anything about cars.Apparently, this movie-star vibe
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Ferrari (@Ferrari)"Our destiny is in our hands. As long as we know exactly what we want and are intent on obtaining it" #EnzoFerrari South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Make 2016 your best lap yet. #MINI #2016 #HappySunday pic.twitter.
Based on the life of founder Ferruccio
Could a Ferrari and Lamborghini rivalry find its way onto the silver screen? If recent reports come into fruition, the two Italian sports-car giants could find themselves pitted against one another not just on the track, but in the box office
Who's directing the film?
So it looks like Batman will be portraying Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming biopic. According to a report by Variety, Christian Bale, most recognized for donning the Dark Knight's mask over the past decade, has been tapped to bring the Italian
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